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Hahaha, oh my god

A Child from the Future: “Grandpa, what did you do for fun when you were younger?”


Look at these Millennials ruin everything.

Those vacuums in that pile of cereal, though, that was hysterical.

Roomba Rambo

Hahahaha, oh my god.

This Roomba is like my internal dialogue.


I fought the blog and the blog won

Oh my god, I haven’t laughed this hard at a YouTube video in a long time.

I’m fucking crying.

Boston Dynamics, u ok?


Like, I get the whole robot thing. New technology is great! But good lord, put a cheerful sunbonnet on it or something so that it doesn’t look like it’s about ready to murder a family.

Hahaha, 0:19: angry figure skater is angry.
1:10: “I stuck the landing…HAHAHA SCREW YOU, PARENTS, I’M OUTTA HERE”


TWSB: Boston Dynamics, You Scary (But Cool!)

So remember Boston Dynamics, the friendly robot constructors who brought us Little Dog, Big Dog, and Alpha Dog?

Well, now they’re switching species. Meet WildCat:

Note: it’s motoring at a max speed of 16 mph in that video.

Can you imagine being in one of those drivers on the road in the background? All you’d hear at first was something that sounded like a weed-whacker on steroids and then you’d happen to glance out the window and see this double-butted thing just booking it as it frolics in a parking lot.

Of course, if you’re driving back there, you’re probably either a Boston Dynamics employee or are at least familiar with their shenanigans, so you probably just say to yourself, “oh, there’s WildCat.”

Still, though.

TWSB: Boston Dynamics Takes Alpha Dog to Obedience School


Alpha Dog, Boston Dynamics’ creepiest freaking dog creature to date, has been updated and now is able to follow vocal commands. He’s quieter than his predecessors and is still able to carry 400-pound loads, navigate uneven terrain, right himself when he bites it, and creep people out.


Haha, 2:16: “LS3, do a barrel roll!”
2:22: “Nailed it! Let’s go.”

TWSB: Who Let the Dogs Out? Boston Dynamics, Apparently

OH GOD THEY’RE BACK. And with their scariest rendition of “dog” robots yet.


“When fully developed the system will carry 400 lbs of payload on 20-mile missions in rough terrain. […] AlphaDog is designed to be over 10x quieter than BigDog.”

Every time those guys push or kick it I expected ROBOT RETALIATION! Then I saw it right itself and I felt the need to run. Fast.

Here’s an article that expresses a similar degree of “OMFGWE’REALLGOINGTODIE” as me.

30-Day Meme – Day 1: Your favorite song.
Hahaha, I think we all know my answer to this one. Sleepyhead, by Passion Pit, is what I take to be the epitome of musical awesomeness. Here are the reasons I like it:
1. It’s short. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been a fan of shorter songs over longer ones. Sleepyhead clocks in at just under three minutes. I think I tend to like shorter songs because they’re harder for me to get sick of.

2. Good tempo + good beat. Any song with a steady, unwavering time signature is always a winner for me. I don’t like songs that have a great momentum going on and then break things down by either losing the back beat, slowing down, or having the singer stop their singing to rap/talk/go to the bathroom. Sleepyhead stays the same through its duration. That makes me happy.

3. That FREAKING CHORUS. I admit that I didn’t automatically like Sleepyhead when I first downloaded it as an iTunes freebie back in February of 2009. I remember my first listen through and thinking “okay, this song has a nice beat, but there’s nothing too special about it.” Then it hit 1:21 and I fell in love with the chorus. I still love the chorus. I NEED the chorus. I would make sweet, sweet love 24/7 to the chorus.

I would also make sweet, sweet love to the following remixes, which heavily utilize warping the chorus into new and fantastically shocking eargasm-giving sex toys: Cillo, Jazzsteppa, Neo Tokyo.

Haha, okay, I’m done.

This Week’s Science Blog: What’s Better Than Robots?

Robots with croissants!!

The music makes it. Croissants are serious business.


Here’s some more footage/info on these types of robots:

The waterproof aspect is a good idea, too.


Anyway. I just thought these were cool.



Today’s song: I Like to Move It (Radio Mix) by Reel 2 Real

This Week’s Science Blog: The Robots are Getting Creepier

Oh my freaking god, nightmares.

This one’s pretty hilarious, though:

The fact that these things are made out of something called “septom” makes it even creepier, I think.



Today’s song: U + Me = by Dan Black

Did LittleDog scare you?

Meet his brother, BigDog. You may have already seen him ‘cause he’s been around longer (I think), but regardless:

Yeah, this totally isn’t creepy at all.

Both the stabilization after the guy kicks it and the way it catches itself from biting it on the ice patch literally gave me chills. Still, though…awesome. There’s another video of it with a giant sensor thingy on its head that enables it to follow a human and move without an operator.

The future is here, and it’s got really creepy legs.

Oh, and I’m leaving for Boston in like two hours, so blogs may not happen for a few days.


Today’s song: De Internationale by De Stem des Volks


“Robodog! Walk!”

So I read this article today entitled “LittleDog Learns Several Terrifying New Tricks,” which included a video. LittleDog is apparently like the latest thing in stable mobility for robotics. The article contained several hints that the LittleDog bot gave the author the creeps (plus a few nightmares). Reading the comments, a lot of others were pretty terrified of it, too. I started watching the video and wasn’t creeped out at all. In fact, I thought the little dude was quite cute, not to mention damn impressive.

It doesn’t get creepy until about, oh, 1:12, when he starts HOPPING UP THE STAIRS LIKE A MINIATURE POODLE.

Somebody needs to make a .gif of it just popping up that first step. That would be great.

Regardless, it’s still pretty freaking incredible.

Oh, and here’s the article. It’s pretty funny. Haha, I was so obsessed with robots when I was in elementary school, too. Maybe that’s why this made me very happy.


Today’s song: Gone Gone Gone by The New Deal