“Robodog! Walk!”

So I read this article today entitled “LittleDog Learns Several Terrifying New Tricks,” which included a video. LittleDog is apparently like the latest thing in stable mobility for robotics. The article contained several hints that the LittleDog bot gave the author the creeps (plus a few nightmares). Reading the comments, a lot of others were pretty terrified of it, too. I started watching the video and wasn’t creeped out at all. In fact, I thought the little dude was quite cute, not to mention damn impressive.

It doesn’t get creepy until about, oh, 1:12, when he starts HOPPING UP THE STAIRS LIKE A MINIATURE POODLE.

Somebody needs to make a .gif of it just popping up that first step. That would be great.

Regardless, it’s still pretty freaking incredible.

Oh, and here’s the article. It’s pretty funny. Haha, I was so obsessed with robots when I was in elementary school, too. Maybe that’s why this made me very happy.


Today’s song: Gone Gone Gone by The New Deal

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