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TWSB: Boston Dynamics, You Scary (But Cool!)

So remember Boston Dynamics, the friendly robot constructors who brought us Little Dog, Big Dog, and Alpha Dog?

Well, now they’re switching species. Meet WildCat:

Note: it’s motoring at a max speed of 16 mph in that video.

Can you imagine being in one of those drivers on the road in the background? All you’d hear at first was something that sounded like a weed-whacker on steroids and then you’d happen to glance out the window and see this double-butted thing just booking it as it frolics in a parking lot.

Of course, if you’re driving back there, you’re probably either a Boston Dynamics employee or are at least familiar with their shenanigans, so you probably just say to yourself, “oh, there’s WildCat.”

Still, though.