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C-Train. C-Train run. Run, Train, Run.

If I have to take public transit, it’s usually the bus, just because I love the busses and some of them get me closer to home than any of the C-Train stations do. But when Nate and I have been out walking, we’ve taken our fair share of C-Train rides.

But ever since the pandemic hit, we’ve been really limited in our walks due to 1) no public bathrooms being open, 2) being afraid of malls, which were our primary stopping points, and 3) being wary of public transportation (even though, in my opinion, it’s probably safer now than it ever has been due to the fact that there are so few people utilizing it).

So we haven’t had a C-Train ride in a while.

But I just found these two videos of both the Red and Blue C-Train lines, so I shall use them to travel the city vicariously.


Bus a Move

I have the utmost respect for bus drivers. They deal with less-than-polite people on a daily basis and have to drive a gigantic vehicle while making sure said gigantic vehicle doesn’t mow over cars/pedestrians/other hazards. And for bus drivers in cities like Calgary, they have to deal with lots of traffic, lots of highways, and, occasionally, really awful weather.

Bus drivers are cool.

But holy crap, the dude driving the bus today was Captain Herky Jerky whose sole mission in life was to terrify all of his passengers as we drove over the Bow. I thought we were going to go for a swim.

Sorry, my life isn’t super eventful right now. It’s pretty much all walking all the time.

Waiter! There’s a tachyon in my—oh wait, there it goes, never mind.

There are a lot of tricks to riding the bus.

If you go during the busy times of the day, you may not get a seat due to the sheer number of people. However, during the busy times there are also a lot more buses running, which means that you might have a shot if you’re one of the first in line.
If you go during the dead times of the day, then you also may not get a seat, as there are a lot fewer buses running and the lines to get on the bus grow quite a bit between buses.
However, there appear to be a few times during the day where the bus company still determines it to be busy but there are lulls in the number of people taking the bus. This is best represented in graph form. Times circled in green represent good times to take the bus, times in yellow represent bad times.

Why? Because I felt like it.


Also, this is pretty fantastic.


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