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It’s FINALLY warming up here, which means I can FINALLY run outside again.

You don’t know how much you’ll miss something until it’s gone.

Which has been the theme of basically the past year.

Anyway. Sorry for a short blog. I am worthless.

Bus a Move

I have the utmost respect for bus drivers. They deal with less-than-polite people on a daily basis and have to drive a gigantic vehicle while making sure said gigantic vehicle doesn’t mow over cars/pedestrians/other hazards. And for bus drivers in cities like Calgary, they have to deal with lots of traffic, lots of highways, and, occasionally, really awful weather.

Bus drivers are cool.

But holy crap, the dude driving the bus today was Captain Herky Jerky whose sole mission in life was to terrify all of his passengers as we drove over the Bow. I thought we were going to go for a swim.

Sorry, my life isn’t super eventful right now. It’s pretty much all walking all the time.