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Hahaha, oh dear

This game makes me appreciate the relative realism built into ETS and ATS.

Maddie, does watching this guy’s mad pro bus skillz give you heart palpitations?

Bus a Move

I have the utmost respect for bus drivers. They deal with less-than-polite people on a daily basis and have to drive a gigantic vehicle while making sure said gigantic vehicle doesn’t mow over cars/pedestrians/other hazards. And for bus drivers in cities like Calgary, they have to deal with lots of traffic, lots of highways, and, occasionally, really awful weather.

Bus drivers are cool.

But holy crap, the dude driving the bus today was Captain Herky Jerky whose sole mission in life was to terrify all of his passengers as we drove over the Bow. I thought we were going to go for a swim.

Sorry, my life isn’t super eventful right now. It’s pretty much all walking all the time.

Move bus, get out ‘the way

Not sure if this is actually as funny as it seems to me right now, seeing as how it’s like four in the morning, but this is absolutely hilarious right now.

Edit: yup, it’s actually funny.

What I dream about when I fall asleep on the bus for 10 minutes:

  1. This dream involving a strange combination of Pokemon: The Movie and Princess Mononoke. You know those dream epics that in reality last about three minutes? Yeah, this was one of those.
  2. A brilliant idea to extend the processed cheese-type product to butter. It’d be called “Ghee Whiz.”
  3. How we could cure AIDS if we just spelled it differently.
  4. Calculus: The Musical.
  5. How much I would like to take the SAT again just to see if I would bomb the ever-loving Jesus crackers out of it a second time (I probably would).
  6. Another micro dream involving Newton and a lot of auto-tuning (possibly related to #4?).