C-Train. C-Train run. Run, Train, Run.

If I have to take public transit, it’s usually the bus, just because I love the busses and some of them get me closer to home than any of the C-Train stations do. But when Nate and I have been out walking, we’ve taken our fair share of C-Train rides.

But ever since the pandemic hit, we’ve been really limited in our walks due to 1) no public bathrooms being open, 2) being afraid of malls, which were our primary stopping points, and 3) being wary of public transportation (even though, in my opinion, it’s probably safer now than it ever has been due to the fact that there are so few people utilizing it).

So we haven’t had a C-Train ride in a while.

But I just found these two videos of both the Red and Blue C-Train lines, so I shall use them to travel the city vicariously.


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