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Hello, peeps.

So the Metsโ€™ season officially ended yesterday. SADNESS!

As Iโ€™ve mentioned, Twitter is basically my baseball info hub, and most of my liked Tweets are baseball-related (the rest are math/stats-related, walking-related, or PRIMO MEME CONTENT).

So as a little tribute to the end of the regular season, I present the Metsโ€™ 2019 season in Tweet form! Enjoy.


Bonus nonsense:




Heyooooo so I was looking for some new data to update one of my STAT 213 note sets and I decided to use the on-record heights for 500 baseball players. Weโ€™re learning about types of graphs (boxplots, histograms, etc.) and ways of describing the shape of graphs (symmetric, skewed, etc.) so I thought hey, letโ€™s plot these heights and see what we get.


UHHHH, have you ever seen such a perfect bell-curve shape for actual data?

But hereโ€™s where itโ€™s interesting to also look at not only the numeric summary but other plots as well. The boxplot actually shows two outliers (two players at 80 inches tall).


So thatโ€™s interesting as well.

Anyway. Just thought this was a super pretty distribution and I have no life so I wanted to share this with yโ€™all.