Yay, social time!

During TA Day last week (or whenever the hell that was), I happened to sit within a cluster of economics grad students. I talked to one of them for a bit, then I didn’t see any of them for a week or so. The other day, though, the guy I talked to (George) caught up with me while I was walking back to the dorm and it turns out that he lives almost directly above me two floors. He invited me up for tea this afternoon, so I went up there and we raved about Fallout and Metalocalypse and Dostoyevsky and our past college experiences. He went to Yale. He’s super smart.

He’s also from THE Moscow (Russia), which I think is pretty freaky.
AND his dad has a PhD in soil science, like my dad. How freaking weird is that?

Haha, okay, that’s all. It’s my first social encounter since leaving Moscow, what do you want from me?


One response

  1. Does he have a Russian accent? Cuz that would be super cool.


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