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Toasters are Intrinsically Brave

I just hit my 130,000th stumble on StumbleUpon. That translates quite concisely to, “Claudia spends way too much time on the internet.”

In addition, I just found a video of the entire 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremony.



Get your medal count sheets ready, it’s Olympics time!

Opening Ceremony comments: I didn’t watch the whole thing, I confess. I watched from the beginning to when they had the nurses and doctors swing dancing amongst the children’s beds. But I really, really liked the first part of the ceremony, where they showed the progression of British history from pre-Industrial Revolution, through the Revolution, and into modern times. I thought the way that was done was fantastic and the way they forged one of the five Olympic rings and then brought it together with the other four was a really creative way to tie the “history lesson” to the Games.

Also, Tubular Bells FTW.

And at least they didn’t pull a Vancouver and break the Olympic cauldron.

Apart from the US, I’m rooting for Sweden. Because dude…it’s Sweden.