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101 in 1,001? Haha, maybe some day…

Happy birthday, Sean!

I had my older 101 in 1,001 list on here quite awhile back, but it’s changed/grown (ever so slightly) and I’d like to put it up somewhere other than the 101 in 1,001 site just in case it goes down for a long while again. 101 in 1,001 is a challenge prompting people to come up with 101 goals they wish to acheive within the span of 1,001 days. I created my (still lacking) list on December 5, 2010, and therefore must have it complete within the next 570 days. That’s why none of my goals are very “long term.”

Crossed-out items are ones I’ve completed, obviously.

  1. Answer the “50 Questions that will Free Your Mind” survey
  2. Attend burning man
  3. Become more familiar with proof theory
  4. Blog every day in 2010
  5. Blog every day in 2011
  6. Blog every day in 2012
  7. Buy a car
  8. Change my hairstyle (sawed about a foot of it off at the beginning of last year)
  9. Complete my 200-book reading list
  10. Complete NaNoWriMo 2011
  11. Complete the “5,000 Question Survey”
  12. Contribute substantially to a Wikipedia article
  13. Create a website for myself
  14. Don’t use the internet for a week
  15. Donate blood
  16. Donate bone marrow
  17. Download a new song every day in 2010
  18. Download a new song every day in 2011
  19. Download a new song every day in 2012
  20. Get a piercing
  21. Get a tattoo
  22. Get my MA in psychology
  23. Go on a cruise (went to Alaska with my dad last July)
  24. Go on a spontaneous vacation
  25. Go sailing
  26. Go see an opera (saw Mozart’s The Magic Flute in Vancouver)
  27. Go skydiving
  28. Go to a concert
  29. Go without dairy for a week
  30. Learn how to play chess
  31. Learn to write with my left hand
  32. Leave a letter in a library book
  33. Obtain a patent
  34. Participate in a bike race
  35. Publish a novel
  36. Read Newton’s Principia
  37. Ride in a hot air balloon
  38. Run a 10k race (Vancouver Sun Run 2011)
  39. Run a 5k race for a charity organization
  40. Run a half marathon
  41. Sell/give away superfluous posessions
  42. Start and maintain a cooking blog
  43. Start and maintain a statistics blog
  44. Take a class in a subject way over my head
  45. Take a class in Metaphysics
  46. Throw pottery
  47. Visit Antarctica
  48. Visit Mount Rushmore
  49. Visit the Basque country
  50. Visit the Grand Canyon
  51. Volunteer somewhere
  52. Walk 2,500 miles in 2012
  53. Walk the equivalent length of Romania in 2011
  54. Walk to every mall in Vancouver
  55. Write my will

Adding New Post

So one of my goals on my “101 in 1,001” list (which is actually like a “45 in 1,001” or something like that) is to go without dairy for a week. This may or may not seem like a difficult thing to do for you, but I like cheese and milk and have either one or the other (or both) every day.

This also means no M&Ms. I don’t know what that will do to me.

But yeah. Starting Monday, no dairy until the 9th.

Another goal on the list is to go without electricity for a week, but that’ll have to wait until I’m done with the thesis. Assuming I live that long.


I thought the spice of life was cumin

Poor Japan, man. The videos on CNN are terrifying. There are a lot of Japanese individuals here in Vancouver, and I’ve heard quite a few conversations today regarding people not being able to get through to their families in Japan due to the loss of cell service in areas affected by the quake/tsunamis/chaos.
Vancouver Island was on a tsunami warning late last night too owing to the after effects of the giant quake, but I think that’s lifted now. 


I’m posting my 101 in 1,001 list here on my blog as a tab, because who knows when/if the website will ever go down again, and I’d feel more secure having it in more than one place. YES I KNOW I’ve got fewer than 50 goals as of right now; I’m trying to think of more meaningful goals than things like “buy new pants” or “try not to hate rain with all of my soul.”

Tab’s up at the top with my book list and info tab.

OOH, OOH, and I have a new plan. An expensive plan, but a plan nonetheless: since I’ve already got a song for every day of 2010 and am on my way for doing the same thing in 2011, why not try to get a new song for every day of the decade? That’s 3,652 songs.

I’m also hyper. I have broccoli and M&Ms.

Does bread experience social loafing?


In the spirit of early New Year’s resolutions with longer completion dates, I have submitted my 101 in 1001 list here. This (still expanding) list will be my list of 101 goals I would like to complete in 1,001 days (starting on the 5th, ‘cause I’m obsessive like that). So I’ll have until September 2, 2013 to complete everything I list here.

Likely? Nope.

Fun to attempt? Yup.

It’s like 2 in the morning right now and I spent all day working on trying to clearly define noncentrality-based fit indices, so my brain’s not working to full capacity at the moment, hence the fact that I’ve only got about 17 things listed right now. But it shall grow.

Oh yeah, and a drawing:



Today’s song: We Sing the Forest Electric by Graham Annable