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Heeeey, so we’ve got freezing temperatures and snow in September because of course we do.

But here’s a pretty bench picture I took, so I guess it’s all okay.


Brassica Booms

Today blew heavy metal chunks. But these are fantastic.


What are they? They’re explosions. DONE WITH CAULIFLOWER. Badass, huh? Check out the creator’s other stuff on Flickr. Pretty cool.

Okay, that’s all.

New Camera + Photoshop = FUN!

Alternate title: “Claudia’s Photoshop Skills are Nearly as Poor as Her Flash Skills”

Today’s lesson: eyes
1 camera
1 pair of eyes
1 copy of Photoshop
A computer helps, too

Normal. Boring, huh?

I wished my eyes really looked like this, cause this is sexy.

They say large pupils are indicative of arousal.

Now this is cool. Just lightened them a bit.

Pupil mitosis!!! The only one that required a slight bit of skill.

Tell me which one you liked best! Claudia loves feedback.

Claudia channels Ansel Adams (or fails to, rather)

Yeah. I took these over the summer. I’m just uploading them now. Dork.
And yeah, I know they suck. What do you want, I’m horrible at photography!

A trippy picture of ivy. I call it, “A Trippy Picture of Ivy
The Moon and I“—I was lucky to catch it like this.
Kibbie Rising“—or setting, actually.
Grass of Leaves“—the ivy up the wall of the Ag Sci building.


Comments? Suggestions? Tacos?