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This is super interesting.

I was one year old when this happened, so I obviously don’t remember it, and I don’t think I’ve ever read or heard too much of the details, either. I think the most fascinating part of this is how calm everyone seemed to be in the stadium. Maybe Californians have a different response to earthquakes than most people because of where they’re located, but it seems like if this had happened anywhere else, it would have been chaos.

Congrats, Nats!

Okay, they earned that. Good for them!

I like a lot of Houston’s players, but Scherzer is great and I still dig Cabrera, so I’m glad they won it.

(Now let the Mets win it next year!)



That was a pretty intense World Series. I’m glad the Astros won, mainly because they hadn’t won before.

(And because of Altuve. Short people represent!)

It wasn’t quite as intense as the World Series last year, but it was still pretty awesome. Now, unfortunately, no more baseball until spring.

Hopefully the Mets will have a better season next year…


Holy crap, that was the most insane baseball game! Even if you’re not a huge baseball fan (or a baseball fan at all), hopefully you got to watch at least the last game of the World Series.

Edit: If you missed it…

Ridiculous. Awesome. I’m so glad Nate and I turned on the game after Cleveland tied it (we were going to wait and watch it later, because that’s what we were doing with all the playoff/World Series games).

Yay Cubs!