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NOW break can start


4.0 GPA plus my highest teaching evaluations yet (3.6/4.0 with a 37% student response rate).

Damn good early Christmas presents, if you ask me.




I still got it.

And yes, it matters to me. I’ll probably be going to grad school again (as much as I’m hesitant about it), so grades are important.

I give myself a banana sticker.


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This blog is worth 60% of your final grade

I have a bit of an issue with this article. Not because I’m like “oh hey, I got straight A’s through college and I don’t regret it one bit LOL,” but because half the things he cites as reasons to “regret” the experience are things that can be easily avoided.

1.  No one has ever asked about my GPA.
Not after you graduated, probably not. But did you ever apply for scholarships? GPA certainly matters for financial reasons while still in school, so if some scholarship/funding/what not requires high grades in order to hand you cash, why not give it a shot? Research supervisors also look at this before they decide whether or not they want to work with you.

2.  I didn’t sleep.
The only time I really had the “there’s physically no way I can fit sleep into my schedule” problem was during the 25 credit semester of doom, but that was also because I would spend four hours a night watching YouTube videos, talking to Sean, making dumb Flash, and just generally dinking around. Honestly, you CAN sleep and get a 4.0.

3.  I’ve forgotten 95% of it.
If what you’re studying isn’t important enough to you for you to even attempt to remember it past the tests, you’re probably studying the wrong thing. Hell, I know I didn’t retain anything from my core requirements classes ‘cause I was like “pfft, this stuff is boring and irrelevant and I feel like making dumb cartoons instead.” But if I had been like that in every class, I would think I would have realized that I was not studying the right thing.

4.  I didn’t have time for people.
Take a class with some friends (band, anyone?). Organize study sessions with those people who fall into the “we know each other from class fairly well” group of friends. Make one day of each week a day where you don’t do anything school-related (for me, this was and still is Saturday…it kept me sane, and it IS possible to do).

5.  Work experience is more valuable.
It depends on the major, really. The physical sciences and engineering? Sure. Business and law? Definitely. The fine arts and things like philosophy? Maybe not so much. Also, it’s pretty difficult to find relevant work experience for some majors.

What about Graduate School?
Haha, yeah, no kidding. I think this should have been listed as a preface. “Does grad school apply to you? Ignore this entire list.”

Today’s song: American Cowboy by Jada

Damn you, Linear Algebra

SO CLOSE. I was SO CLOSE to getting another 4.0 this semester.
But no.
Because I’m stupid.
At least 3.98 is still above the summa cum laude cutoff.


Holy shit.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, and I don’t know by whose power, but somehow I managed to get a 4.0 this semester.

So I got what I have been working for so hard these past five semesters. I finished college with a 4.0. I feel slightly proud of myself for the first time since starting at this stupid school.


It was worth it. It was worth all the stress. I’ve never been happier in my life.



Rock on.

Why must finals week be AFTER graduation?

Well, I didn’t have a panic attack like I did last semester…probably because I know my 4.0 is impossible.




One paper and one online test left, and then I’m DONE.



Even though I have finals to deal with next week, I graduated today. Five long, busy semesters later, I’ve finally figured out what I want out of my life. Cool, huh?
Too bad this summa cum laude cord is a lie.

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Protected: RIP 4.0

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So…fall semester?

Scaring the hell out of me right now. I’ve come to the realization that this will be my last “important” semester here, and if I screw things up now I’ll lose my 4.0 in the final stretch.

That’s more terrifying than it sounds, trust me.
Enter freak-out mode.

Yay, people!!



I’m so freaking happy right now. The stress at the end was totally worth it. Take that, 400-level stats classes! Take that, Symbolic Logic! Take that, all you people who didn’t think I could do it!


The world! The world! The world is on fire!

Have you ever had a panic attack?
Have you ever had multiple panic attacks in a row?
Yeah. That’s fun.
Tonight I stood (or was curled up in the fetal position, rather) on the steps leading to the Statistics department for quite some time, due to the fact that I couldn’t really move. Or breathe, really. I have a big stats test tomorrow at 10, and I’m really, really freaking out over it, obviously. I’ve never felt so hopeless and utterly afraid in my life.
I need a miracle tomorrow, seriously. This 4.0 is desperately needed.


I seriously don’t know how or why the fates conspired in my favor in terms of math, but I’ve just gotten all my grades in and I’ve maintained my 4.0! YAY!



I am very, very happy and relieved right now.

I will not rest until I know I’ve maintained my 4.0

I’m too nervous to blog today.

Grades are slowly trickling in and math, I’m assuming, will be the very last.

Waiter! There’s an Intergalactic Star Cruiser in my Bran Muffin!



I’m a happy camper. Now all I have to do is pull it off four more times.

Short blog. I’m bored and tired and I have school tomorrow.

They need an “I’m forming an ulcer right now” mood

Hooray for a 4.0! Thank god I got an A in math…just…thank god. Now it’s time to start stressing about next semester…


…notice how short these’ve gotten over the past week?