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So today was supposed to be a good day. I was supposed to go to the Faculty of Science awards ceremony and get my TA award thingy and everything was supposed to be great.

But instead I had a panic attack.

I’m calmer now (obviously; can’t write a blog in the middle of a panic attack), but I’m sitting in my office with a really bad headache and a really high degree of self-hatred. I mean, I’m never too thrilled with myself, but it’s been awhile since I’ve just felt so damn worthless.


*noises of frustration*

Guess who spent the afternoon in the hospital because of ridiculous panic attacks?


Aren’t you jealous?

I hate this time of the year

Things I should have done today:

  • Studied

Things I did instead:

  • Had repeated panic attacks
  • Worked on my incredibly crappy fanfic
  • Dealt with unreliable people
  • Tried to ignore the present in favor of the future
  • Freaked out because ignoring the present will cause me to have no future
  • Made an obscene amount of stupid puns
  • Cried in the corner
  • Had more panic attacks

The world! The world! The world is on fire!

Have you ever had a panic attack?
Have you ever had multiple panic attacks in a row?
Yeah. That’s fun.
Tonight I stood (or was curled up in the fetal position, rather) on the steps leading to the Statistics department for quite some time, due to the fact that I couldn’t really move. Or breathe, really. I have a big stats test tomorrow at 10, and I’m really, really freaking out over it, obviously. I’ve never felt so hopeless and utterly afraid in my life.
I need a miracle tomorrow, seriously. This 4.0 is desperately needed.