*slaps roof of blog* This baby can hold so many pointless surveys

German Philosophy ask!

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz : What is the integral part of your personality?
(The fact that this survey started with Leibniz is what made me take it, not going to lie)
(Also, lol integral joke)
Uhhhh…I guess my desire to make incredibly stupid puns? I’m not sure if that counts as part of my personality. I’m also incredibly good at screwing things up, so that can count, too.

Immanuel Kant : How honest are you?
I try to be as honest as possible in most situations.

Critique of Pure Reason : Do people find you boring?
Probably. Especially when they first get to know me. “Oh, she likes statistics, she must be boring as all hell.” But I’m also a useless bag of trash, so I probably really am boring.

a Priori : Are you a fast learner?
I like to think that I am, for most things at least.

a Posteriori : What is the field you are most knowledgeable about?
Stats? Probably stats. Unless Leibniz counts as a “field.”

Synthetic a Posteriori : Do you like to disappear from people’s lives?
I’m really bad at holding onto friendships if that counts. I like to drift through a point in people’s lives, let’s say that.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel : Does your speech get incomprehensible at times?

Young Hegelians : Are you a rebel?
Nah. I like to follow the rules (unless they’re really dumb).

Old Hegelians : Or do you like to keep things in order?
In fact, I get pretty upset when other people don’t follow the rules. Just do what you’re freaking supposed to do. You’re not special.

Arthur Schopenhauer : Do you like to isolate yourself?
People are turd bags and I’d rather be around just a select few. I also just tend to be awkward as hell and don’t like to talk to other people, so it kind of all works out.

The World as Will and Representation : Do you feel like the world is working against you?
Sometimes. Sometimes it feels like everything is just out to get me. But then I remember that my importance in the grand scheme of things (or even just the minor scheme of things) is basically zero, so.

On the Suffering of the World : How do you deal with your pains?
Physical pains? I bitch about it. Emotional/mental pains? I bitch about it more. Existential dread and related pains? I brood.

The Sublime : Would you like to just leave the world and disappear?
Holy crab apples, you have no idea.

Friedrich Nietzsche : Are you the sore thumb?
I am the sore thumb that broke the camel’s back.

Übermensch : Do you work hard?
I try to. I’d say I worked very hard to get where I am right now, at least.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra : If you had the ability to change one, and ONLY ONE thing in the minds of others, what would you change?
Answer I should give: probably something to do with “stop being racist dickholes” or something

Human, All Too Human : Are you alienated?

Schopenhauer as an Educator : Favorite teacher?
Junior high: I really liked my science teacher, Mr. LaFortune.
High school: Mr. Garrett, my band teacher!
College: Either Dr. Woo, because he was ridiculously smart and crazy, or Dr. Abu, because he was so cool and calm and nice.

Karl Marx : Do you believe in change?
I hate it, but I believe in it.

The Communist Manifesto : Left or Right? Or neither?

Das Kapital : Can you manage your money well?
Pfft. “Manage.” I buy stuff I need (and sometimes some extra nonsense) and hope that there’s sufficient money in my account to do so. Does that count? I mean, I’m not doing $500 shopping sprees or anything.

Max Stirner : Are you selfish?
More selfish than I’d like to be, yes.

Gottlob Frege : How are you with maths?
That’s…that’s a complicated question. I don’t find it intuitive in the slightest, but I can power through and make sense of (some of) it.

Rudolf Carnap : Would you try first, think later, or think first, try later?
Think first, try later in most situations.

Ludwig Wittgenstein : Did you finish something grand?
I walked 5,100 miles last year. Is that grand?

Tractatus Philoso-Logicus : How many languages do you know?
Uno and a half. English and I can spell in ASL, so I’mma count it.

The Beetle : Objective or Subjective?

Karl Popper : Favorite branch of science?
Does math count?

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