Grocery Stores and Leibniz

So every time I’m in a grocery store, I think a lot about Leibniz.

“But Claudia,” you say, “you think a lot about Leibniz wherever you are.”


But grocery stores, man. These things did not exist back in his time. I always wonder what his reaction would be when stepping into one for the first time. I’m sure shock would be one of his more prominent emotions.

But what else?

Would he be curious as to how we have been able to amass such a large quantity of food in one building? Where did it all come from and how did it all get here? Do all of these things grow in this area? Why are there so many foods in boxes and packages?

Would he be excited? There’s so much variety! What the hell is a papaya? What the hell is M&Ms? Refrigeration??

Would he be in awe? How much food is in this building?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE ARE FORTY MORE OF THESE TYPES OF STORES IN THE CITY?!!?

Would he be concerned? Do you ever worry about running out of food? Are there enough resources to continue to produce at this level? How much waste do grocery stores produce?

Leibniz is the type of guy, in my opinion, who would have all of these thoughts and would try to find answers as he happily ran around the store, opening packages he wasn’t supposed to open, eating random vegetables and snacks and whatnot, and going into places he wasn’t supposed to go, like the deli or the bakery.

I just…I think about Leibniz a lot.

Especially in grocery stores.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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