Millard Fillmore Appreciation Week!

On December 28th, I wrote this:

Millard Fillmore!
Who is this guy and why do I suddenly have such an obsession with him? He is, like, the ONE president absolutely NO ONE remembers. What’d he do? NOTHING! I mean he only became president because Taylor bit it. And what kind of name is “Millard”, anyway?
Well, I’ll give him points for single-handedly bringing down the grades of thousands of elementary school children across the country when they’re asked to recite the list of the Presidents of the United States and are unable to remember the name “Millard Fillmore”.
Also, bonus points must be given because he and my dad were born on the same day of the year. Perhaps that means that my dad will fall into the same obscurity as…

…oh, shoot, what’s his name, again?”

This obsession still continues. Today, I realized that it was Millard Fillmore’s birthday. So I’ve decided to declare the week of January 7th-January 14th Millard Fillmore Appreciation Week!

During this week, I declare that us (my dorky friends and I) annoy each other with random Millard Fillmore facts. I myself will be posting a random Fillmore Fact™ at the end of all my blogs.

Let’s have a cheer for America’s most obscure president!

What sayest thou? Speak!

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