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This is the same site on which I found Microsoft Pinball.

I was super into this game in 2008 when I first found it somewhere on the internet and downloaded it. I remember it being really freaking hard. Like, you’d finally have enough money to purchase a second zeppelin and your first one would nose dive into the Pacific, killing all passengers and making you Asshole #1 in the zeppelin world.

Edit: yeah, I tried to play it again. Just as difficult as I remember it being.

(Sorry these are all so short, I’m buuuuuuuuuusy)

So remember that zeppelin game I played like in 2009? That was from Abandonia.

Unfortunately, I can’t play the zeppelin game anymore ‘cause it was just for Vista and lower, but I forgot how many weird-ass games are on Abandonia. Miiiight have to start playing more of them.