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Three things in decreasing order of importance:


2. I’m a tactile person. Whenever I go shopping (for clothes, food, miscellaneous fun stuff) I’m always feeling stuff. Like walking through the racks of clothes in Walmart, for example…I have to feel every article of clothing (gotta grope ‘em all!). I’ve actually just recently become aware of this compulsion.

3. I don’t know what to do this fall. In reality, I have no major commitments. My job is technically a temp job, even though I’m working fulltime and am basically a “regular” employee. I reapplied to the U of I so that I could have some form of school to fall back on, ‘cause it’s me and I can’t get enough book learnin’. At the same time, though, I have no obligations to go back. Hell, I could stay down here and take every class offered by Pima Community college; it’s like 80% cheaper than UI, they’ve got good math and writing/fiction classes and what appears to be a pretty comprehensive music program for a community college, and I already work there so I could just go from class-work-class-work-class-home-dinking time everyday and not worry about that. I just want to accrue knowledge!

END! Pointless blog.

“My whereabouts are none of your concern,” said the Little Star as he twinkle-twinkled

Hey people! I wrote another quiz!
Check it out: Which Punctuation Mark are You?
Twelve results! I’m insane!

Oh, and here are my others, if you’re so inclined…
What Member of “Team America” are You?

Which Founding Father are You?

Lewis and Clark: Which One are You?

What Shape are You?


My quizzes…my results

Well, since I made all these quizzes (4 of them) during the summer, I figured it’s about time for me to put my results up on here (along with the current stats of each quiz):


“What Member of Team America are You? (taken 45 times)


“Which Founding Father are You?” (taken 42 times)


“Lewis and Clark–Which One are You?”  (taken 9 times)


“What Shape are You?” (taken 114 times)


There ya go! Now take them and post your results, dangit!