Tats n’ Stuff

Okay fools, it’s time to get serious about this tattoo business.

I promised myself I could get a tattoo if I successfully finished my Masters degree. Since that degree was granted like 3 years ago now, you’d think I’d have my tattoo, right?


The thing that’s holding me back is probably the most important thing to consider when getting a tattoo: the tattoo design itself. Why? Well, the things I’m passionate enough about to have a representation of them permanently etched into my skin are things that really aren’t very easily tattooable.

Like statistics. That’s a broad field. Do I pick an equation or a theorem? Do I pick a statisticain’s name? Do I pick a distribution or a plot? I don’t think there’s any one particular topic in statistics I could narrow it down to as far as a tattoo goes. The best I’ve got is either a graph of a normal distribution or the pdf of the normal distribution.

Then there’s Leibniz. I love Leibniz. I would definitely get his name tattooed somewhere on me if I could figure out a) where, and b) a good design for it. I have a few basic ideas, but none of them are good enough. This is Leibniz we’re talking about, people.

I also really like color. There are a few of my drawings that I’ve considered for tattoos, but again, the problem is placement. How big should they be? Where would I want them? And there’s really not too much meaning behind any of my drawings. If I were to get this on my back or something:

Spectrum of the Swallowtail

I’d want there to be more meaning aside from “it’s colorful and I drew it.”

I’m actually really leaning towards this beautiful integral sign right now:


But who knows. Maybe one of these days I’ll draw a lemniscates worthy of Tattoo Land. And hopefully one day soon!

What sayest thou? Speak!

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