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SHAMWOW (no, it’s not another Omegle conversation, don’t worry)

As much as Rube Goldberg tortured me my senior year of high school, this music video is really snazzy. I love all the crashes and bangs throughout, it’s great. So is the song.

Today’s song: This Too Shall Pass by OK Go

Rube Goldberg is haunting me!


This man is evil.

It’s official: I am being haunted by the spirit of the cartoonist who is single-handedly responsible for MHS physics students’ nervous breakdowns at the end of every school year–Rube Goldberg.

I am in the process of cleaning out all my crap before I start college. At every turn…in every corner…under every piece of furniture…I find remnants of my stupid Rube Goldberg project/paper/poster. It’s starting to really freak me out.

Stupid physics…(oh, and the last day of school)

I am very disappointed in my Rube Goldberg machine, which conveniently quit working when Mr. Blount came to check it out for a grade. It’s as if it hates me for some reason.


But anyways, it is the last day of high school…ever. Kinda sad, kinda scared, kinda excited.
But mostly pissed about physics. It ruined my whole day.

My Rube Goldberg machine is genius!

YAY! I finally finished the construction of my Rube Goldberg machine! Now I shall get extra credit in physics which will guarantee a solid A in the class (and possibly the highest grade in our period!)
It works beautifully…except for the actual cutting part, which I figured wouldn’t matter too much, considering the fact that its working is only 5f our total grade. I rock.

Once again, it’s time to visit the…

Train o’ Rockin’ at Physics!

So much pain…(or, why I should get an A in physics)

I’ve been working on my Rube-Goldberg project for almost 6 hours straight now, and I’m only about 1/2 way through. These are some reasons why I should get an A on this darn thing:

1) I’ve worked for 6 hours straight on this project ON A SUNDAY.
2) I have splinters in my pants.
3) I have about 15 burns all over my hands from that dang hot-glue gun.
4) My thumbs are all bruised up because I have no depth perception with a hammer.
5) The floor in my room is full of debris from this project, and therefore, everywhere I step I either get splinters in my feet, nails in my feet, or wire wrapped around my toes.
6) I had a dream last night about my Rube-Goldberg machine coming to life and destroying itself.


I guess it’s my own fault–when I get into something, I really get into it and begin to be obsessed about it. Oh well. I’ll get extra credit!!

On a roll! (and apologies to Aneel)

Sorry about that “disappointed” business yesterday, Aneel. I was just having fun with my butt (among other things).

Anyways, I am on a roll with my Rube Goldberg project for physics. I started building it today and I’m already about 1/3 of the way through. I rock.

Train o’ Rockin’ at Physics!