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And it goes on

I’d say this election is absolute madness, but it actually is fitting in quite well with the theme of 2020.

Which, I guess, is the theme “absolute madness.”

But anyway. Every time I see an update on the election from a Canadian news source, you can tell the reporter is trying to hide their exasperation and disbelief over the whole situation. I’m sure it’s the same sort of thing in the States.

And while it’s frustrating that the outcome is taking so long, it’s understandable (with COVID) and I’m glad that the remaining states seem to be trying their best to be as accurate and sure as possible so that Trump will have less ammunition to use against them if he loses.

(Not like that will stop him from going after people, though.)


Edit: I love this. The joy.

There’s freaking celebrations in the streets. I don’t remember such widespread joy at the changing of Presidents in the past. Like…did people rejoice in the streets when Bush (the second one) was finally out of office? I don’t think they did.

Edit 2: Hahahaha.


Election 2020. Let’s do this shit.

  • I love how as soon as I turned on the TV and saw that little electoral college tally thing that CTV news has on the bottom of the screen, I had immediate PTSD flashbacks to watching the 2016 election and that feeling of increasing dread as the red side of the tally thing encroached upon 270.
  • Edit: I knew this would be a super close election. No one else I talked to seemed to believe that (hell, all the political experts said it wouldn’t be close), but I had a feeling.
  • Edit 2: CTV just did a little two-minute recap on the progression of COVID in the States and it made me want to cry.
  • Edit 3: One of the CTV commentators just said “what in the actual hell?” when referring to how close the election is so far. Same, bro.
  • Edit 4: Florida, I SWEAR TO GOD…EVERY ELECTION, man.
  • Edit 5: I love how all of the Canadian news anchors and commentators really tried to start out the night being as impartial as possible, but every single one of them is now displaying obvious dread and disappointment with every state that gets declared for Trump.
  • Edit 6: how can such a large proportion of the US population have enough faith in that orange dumpster fire to vote for him?
  • Edit 7: Yaaaaay, we won’t know who won this freaking election for at least a few days. That’s great for world anxiety levels. Who needs COVID for that, right?


I Voted!

After getting an email copy of my absentee ballot (and dealing with a few issues regarding the address printed on said ballot), I was able to fill it out and mail it today! Super fun. Don’t forget to vote, my American brethren.

Also, last Christmas my dad got Nate and me some Ancestry.com kits, and we FINALLY got around to spitting in the little collector tubes, so I sent those off as well. Mailing the tubes was a lot cheaper than mailing the ballot, but I wanted the ballot in a tracked package and expedited so that there’s very little chance it won’t get there before election day.

Once our Ancestry samples get to their destination, we should have our results in six to eight weeks. I’m curious to see the comparisons with my 23andMe analysis.

Also, no, I have no qualms about sending off my DNA to companies like this. What’re they going to do, clone me? Trust me, no one wants that.

Election Reaction: Day 2


I had Trump’s victory speech on mute last night because I was trying not to flip out, but apparently it wasn’t the awful “I’m your dictator now, burn Hillary, burn the immigrants, launch nukes at Australia because an Aussie called me a bad name in a Tweet” type of speech that I was expecting.

And I know it’s not much, and I know it probably means absolutely nothing in the long run, but for now, I’m going to cling to that as a possible beacon of hope that this presidency isn’t going to be the train wreck that we all suspect.

Edit: NOPE nope NOPE nope NOPE nope NOPE nope NOPE nope NOPE nope NOPE nope

What the hell did we just do?

An accurate representation of what I was like as this calamity of a Presidential election unfolded:

Seriously though. I honestly didn’t think Trump had a chance in hell, and now it’s like 2 AM and he’s giving his little victory speech and I’m literally shaking.

What the hell is wrong with the United States?

(Sorry I don’t have more of a reaction. I’m just…shocked.)