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Election 2020. Let’s do this shit.

  • I love how as soon as I turned on the TV and saw that little electoral college tally thing that CTV news has on the bottom of the screen, I had immediate PTSD flashbacks to watching the 2016 election and that feeling of increasing dread as the red side of the tally thing encroached upon 270.
  • Edit: I knew this would be a super close election. No one else I talked to seemed to believe that (hell, all the political experts said it wouldn’t be close), but I had a feeling.
  • Edit 2: CTV just did a little two-minute recap on the progression of COVID in the States and it made me want to cry.
  • Edit 3: One of the CTV commentators just said “what in the actual hell?” when referring to how close the election is so far. Same, bro.
  • Edit 4: Florida, I SWEAR TO GOD…EVERY ELECTION, man.
  • Edit 5: I love how all of the Canadian news anchors and commentators really tried to start out the night being as impartial as possible, but every single one of them is now displaying obvious dread and disappointment with every state that gets declared for Trump.
  • Edit 6: how can such a large proportion of the US population have enough faith in that orange dumpster fire to vote for him?
  • Edit 7: Yaaaaay, we won’t know who won this freaking election for at least a few days. That’s great for world anxiety levels. Who needs COVID for that, right?