And it goes on

I’d say this election is absolute madness, but it actually is fitting in quite well with the theme of 2020.

Which, I guess, is the theme “absolute madness.”

But anyway. Every time I see an update on the election from a Canadian news source, you can tell the reporter is trying to hide their exasperation and disbelief over the whole situation. I’m sure it’s the same sort of thing in the States.

And while it’s frustrating that the outcome is taking so long, it’s understandable (with COVID) and I’m glad that the remaining states seem to be trying their best to be as accurate and sure as possible so that Trump will have less ammunition to use against them if he loses.

(Not like that will stop him from going after people, though.)


Edit: I love this. The joy.

There’s freaking celebrations in the streets. I don’t remember such widespread joy at the changing of Presidents in the past. Like…did people rejoice in the streets when Bush (the second one) was finally out of office? I don’t think they did.

Edit 2: Hahahaha.

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