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For once, I am *legitimately* upset.

Well, hell.

Just got some pretty crappy news from one of my best friends ever.
Not their fault, of course, but still pretty crappy, considering…well, a lot of things.


Sadness is so much worse when it’s coming from outside your own self-misery, eh?
(Haha, wow, emo)


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Old Vaio is Old

My stuff came this morning, yay!

First thing I did involved digging out the monitor to Big Compy and hooking it to Old Vaio (the one with the busted screen). Laughed at all the old crap from high school senior year and all my undergraduate silliness.


Haha, I’d totally forgotten about the time I recreated Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” using flour, water, and food coloring.

Spinning pineapple drawn and animated in Flash! I had this titled thereisaseasonturnturnturn.gif. (EDIT: apparently you have to click on stationary pineapple to get it its own page. It’ll spin there.) (EDIT 2: apparently it depends on your browser)

A bunch of my silly high school friends and me at a bowling party. Poor Aneel.

An experiment with eyeliner and some eyeshadow back when I actually had eyeliner. I might still have some, but who knows where it is.

Also, of the 50 songs I currently have rated 5 stars, 22 of them were rated 5 stars back in the era of Old Vaio.

That is all.

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You guys are super fun. I’m glad we could all hang out one last time before I ditch the wondrous United States for the frigid north.

And the Leibniz-Newton slash? NEEDS TO HAPPEN. I’m going to have some interesting dreams tonight.



Today’s song: Swoon by Imogen Heap

So…out of it…

I forgot how awesome you Moscow friends are. We need to have a Rock Band party.

And I need to take my meds at a different time of day.

That is all.



Today’s song: The Underdog by Spoon

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Apples to Apples with you guys is superior to Apples to Apples with the grad school crowd. Much more sexual innuendo (though fewer “who invented calculus” arguments). If I hadn’t been feeling like death as soon as I got to the park, the walk to Matt’s would have been much more pleasant, but what are you gonna do?

I’ll miss you all.

Today’s song: Change of Seasons by Sweet Thing

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+50 Bovine Damage

Haha, WoW is fantastic. I made a cow (a Tauren, but they’re cows) and his name is Hruck. I found another cow named MooMoo and we bowed and waved to each other all night.

I think it’s also pretty damn funny that Sean, Megan and I were all in their house playing WoW on our computers and chatting over the servers rather than in person.

Technology dependency, anyone?

Fun times.

Today’s song: Caught in the Crowd by Kate Miller-Heidke

Friends rock

Holy crap, I love you guys. Who needs therapy when you can sit in a dark car with three awesome friends and have a bitch fest about how much all of our lives suck? I’m keeping those videos forever.


Today’s song: Where I’m Going by Cut Copy

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“I just realized I’m illiterate and now I cacng apbtrtht kd thactgs”

WOOOOOOOOOO it’s been awhile since I’ve danced! Maggie, we missed you!

I’ve also been up for a few days and had to do a garage sale this morning, so my brain wasn’t really working. It was also somewhat awkward since I got felt up by some drunk guy during the first half of the first show (“yer sho frrruckkkkhing bootifull!!!!”) and then I saw Jessica (Rob’s old girlfriend) and had a super weird conversation with her. I think she was there with someone else, though, so that’s good.

Yay for fun times with friends. More Rock Band/alcohol/naked parties need to happen in my basement before I return to Finland. :)

Today’s song: Sleepyhead (Matt Sweeny Remix) by Passion Pit

The United States is a GEEZER

Haha, yay for 4th of July shenanigans. I didn’t take many pictures, but here are a few videos of us being rad.

I love how every time I come back here I make new friends.


Today’s song: Practice Makes Perfect by Cute Is What We Aim For

If night falls in a forest and a tree is still standing, does it cast a shadow?

Oh goodness, Thackeray’s Vanity Fair is hilarious. It’s putting me in the mood for NaNo, which is both good and bad, ‘cause right now I have far too much calculus to do to have any free time to write, which is bad, but it’s also making me think of new ideas, which is good.



So here is a list of things we need to do while I’m back in Moscow:

  • Rock Band party
  • Drunken party of insane fun (you all know what I’m talking about) in my basement. This time you’ll all need to stay the night, ‘cause I want to drink, too. This could be combined with Rock Band party easily.
  • Go on a mini road trip. Because mini road trips are great.
  • Screw around in the park.
  • Screw around in Shari’s.
  • Get naked (could be combined with any/all of the above).
  • Drag show (I’m assuming I’ll be there for Pride).

Sound fun? I think so. I miss you weirdos.


Today’s song: Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood by Santa Esmeralda

This just in: Maggie is a Pokémon

I know, I know, I should have known by now.

Yeah. Weirdest. Dream. Ever. It was so vivid, that’s what made it trippy. I think Matt, Rebeca, some other dude that I didn’t recognize but apparently knew, Nathan, Maggie, and myself were there. We were right behind the deli thing.

Why did we have a little handheld shopping basket full of bacon? Who knows.

Why did Maggie evolve into a Spearow? WHO KNOWS.

At first we were all, “wow, Maggie’s a Spearow” but that rapidly changed to “WHERE IS SHE TAKING OUR BACON.”




I also think I have decided what my first tattoo shall be. I’m thinking I’ll get a lambda, either on my back somewhere or on my shoulder. Why a lambda? Reasons:
1) It’s Greek. I like Greek and hope to learn it someday.
2) “Leibniz” starts with a lambda in Greek (duh).
3) Lambda is the symbol for eigenvalues, and while they’re evil to calculate, they’re necessary in FACTOR ANALYSIS, my absolute true love in the world of statistics.
4) It’s also a recurring symbol in Half-Life (just realized this), which is pretty awesome, too.

Yeah. It’s really one of the only ways I figure I can tie together my love for Leibniz and my love for factor analysis without tattooing “I love Leibniz and factor analysis!” on me somewhere.

Side note: the apartment’s MINE! I move in May 1st, but my mom’s going to come up on the 8th, as I can’t move my chair by myself, at least up several flights of stairs (the elevator is about the size of my current bathroom, which is too small for anything other than a broom closet).



Today’s song: The Great Escape by The Rifles

“I’m sorry, I thought you was corn.”

After a conversation with Maggie yesterday night, I remembered that Claude had a MySpace that’s about a year old now. However, god knows what the login info is, so a new one was created.

He needs friends! He also wants to make it to Pride in August, so hopefully that will happen.

And here is some more fun.

Also, I feel ridiculously hot (temperature-wise, not attractive-wise) today, but apparently my temperature is about 95-ish. Weird.


Today’s song: Right Here, Right Now (radio edit) by BWO feat. Velvet

“Do you make it to New Orleans?” “O-cajun-ally!”

This has been done for a few days, but I only got access to a scanner this afternoon.

Making Matt not look like an old man with the way his glasses were casting a shadow across his face = hard. This proved to me that I need to practice drawing non-LSD-type stuff. This is also the smallest drawing I’ve done in awhile (it’s about ¼ the size I usually do).


Anyway, I hope you like it, Matt! I’ve always been very bad at drawing lips, so I especially apologize for that part, haha.

Yay for drawing.


Today’s song: Sponsored by Destiny by Slagsmalsklubben

What today entailed:

– Canadian taxes!
– Making Matt sit and wait for me to finish Canadian taxes
– Going downtown to try and find the torch
– Noticing a FREAKING LAPTOP on the train tracks
– Trying to find a way to get said laptop
– Lots of walking around trying to find the torch
– Finding out the torch was now inside and going to Granville Island instead
– “So come on, come on and doooooo the locomotion with meeeee!”
– Matt getting REALLY into Burnout Paradise (seriously, this was great)


Hooray for Matt being in Vancouver!


Today’s song: I’m Gone, I’m Going by Lesley Roy