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Wow. Cue random depression at like 4 PM this afternoon. Calc was awesome this morning (u-substitution review!) and I spent the afternoon working out and writing stuff (not at the same time), but when I got home I wanted death.

Haha, I guess this is what I get for complaining about being happy the other day, eh?

Touche, brain. Touche.


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The psychology student is noticing something

Everybody’s depressed, it seems. Including me. It kind of sucks, really.
Time to chill to music and try not to think about life. Sorry this is so short.


So lemme give this quick little thingy for all those who read this (like three of you) who read these blog entries and who don’t already know the story (maybe one of you): I’ve been on Zoloft since 5th grade. I was off it for only a short time two summers ago (note: summer; no stress).


Yesterday I was thinking to myself, “why the hell do I need medication to go through life? I DO NOT need medication to go through life.”

So I quit. I’m not going to take them anymore. Screw it. Goodbye, dependency.


Okay, that’s about it.