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Haha, bouts of severe vertigo are fun

Did you ever get that? You’re walking down a flight of stairs and suddenly you get really, really dizzy and have to sit down cause you feel like the earth is moving under your feet? It was rather freaky, if I do say so myself.

Philosophy today seals the deal. Leibniz is my philosopher for the party. Case closed.
IMPORTANT NOTE: when the heck should we have this? AND: you people need to invite more than just yourselves. Anyone who seems remotely fun and who would seem to remotely like to hang out with a bunch of dorks in togas and 17th century costumes who may or may not be philosophizing the whole time (depends on how we swing—philosophers can party, too!), invite them. Just tell me who they are, first.




Haha, best comment I’ve ever gotten on a paper in college so far: “It was really well written after the first two pages of rambling. A.”
This was for that paper on Descartes I told you all about. I love Dr. Cannon.

So tonight I went on YouTube and essentially watched every sad music video/movie ending I could find. It was a good thing. After all, I haven’t bawled my eyes out in like two weeks, so I was way overdue.
Then I watched the director’s cut ending of The Butterfly Effect and I freaking lost it.
I don’t think I’ve cried that much in months. I think it was the combination of the actual movie ending and the memories surrounding the movie itself.
But I think it was a good thing, you know? The past clings to us like soap residue on a body sponge. Sometimes you just need to leave it under running water for a while.

And that was the best metaphor ever conceived.


I feel better now.


Oh, and do this: go to Wikipedia, and type in “rabbit’s foot.” Read the first sentence under that entry.

Adventures in Boise: Day 4

We didn’t do squat for the first half of the day today. Really. We just hung around the hotel room going, “what should we do now?”

But then the day improved because we went to dinner with Matt and his mom. Then I went back to their house and Matt and I watched “The Butterfly Effect,” a movie I hadn’t seen before. Holy crap, that movie will stay with me a long time. I recommend it.

It was a very good night.


Matt, I shall miss you until band camp! Not too long, now!