Well this has never happened before.

I had not one, not two, but THREE migraines today.


The first one happened in SCIE 301 around 11, which was the first time I’ve ever had one while lecturing. The scintillating scotoma started about 20 minutes before class was supposed to end. The scotoma is actually a good thing, because once it starts, I know I have about a five-minute window to take some Excedrin before it’s too late for its effects to lessen the migraine pain. Knowing I had office hours later that afternoon and another class to teach at 4, I had to pause the lecture and apologize to my students as I explained the situation and took a few Excedrin in front of them.

Great look.

The Excedrin deadened the actual migraine part, which is always good. But by the time my calculus class was ending at around 5 PM, my vision was starting to go wonky again, indicating another migraine was starting.

Which it did. And I had to text my mom and ask her if she could look up the drug info on Excedrin to see if it was safe to take an additional dose so close to the first one. It wasn’t, so that was fun.

And then my brain was like ONE MORE TIIIIIIIIIME! and I had yet another scotoma around 7 or so, followed by another surge in headache pain.

So yeah. Super fun. Also kind of worrying, because I’ve never had more than two migraines in a week’s span, let alone three in a single day. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Edit: I guess that was a one-time thing? Haven’t had a migraine since and it’s now April.

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