It’s a BAnanaNA…next to a BAnanaNA!

(Title reference)

Q: what’s the only food-related opinion more controversial than one’s opinion on whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza?

A: which stage of a banana’s ripening process is the “ideal” banana.

Here’s the Reddit fun.


And here’s the “scale” people were looking at when they responded, by the way:


I’m one of those weirdos who likes brown-ass bananas; I’d say my preferred flava-flav occurs at 13 or 14. The 10 is like my lower limit. The more yellow it is, the more it seems to have a slimy texture to me. Once it starts browning up, the texture changes to this gritty sort of mush, which sounds absolutely gross as I’m typing it out, but actually is quite enjoyable.

Some of the comments on this post are great, by the way:

  • I’m curious about the people who chose 15, I mean, why not just eat dirt then.

  • who’s the sadist eating 1 bananas

  • 5: ok
    6: good
    7: good
    8: good
    9: perfect
    10: disgusting
    It’s a pretty sharp dropoff for me.

  • Lot’s of shade coming towards us 12+ people, but those 4- folks are just as insane.

Where are you on the banana scale?

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