Scents and Scent-Ability

Want to know a weird thing I do every once and awhile? Every so often I catch myself making a mental comment about the smell of something. Even though I can’t smell.

Example: tonight (well, this morning) when I went to make dinner I opened my fridge. I’d just bought a bunch of broccoli and that (apart from a container of feta cheese) was the only thing in the fridge. I saw the broccoli and immediately thought, “man, this fridge smells like broccoli.”

Did it? No idea. But that was just my automatic reaction. Similar smell-related reactions happen every once and awhile.

So I have no idea if that means that I can kind of smell like on a subconscious level or I’m just accustomed to associating the idea of smell with things that people have told me have a distinctive odor (like broccoli or garbage or things like that) and thus automatically assume whatever contains such odorous things must be infused with the smell. I’d bet on the latter, but who knows.

Weird brain is weird.

2 responses

  1. I think a lot of human behavior that is a “reaction” to our sensory input is actually just our brain creating the reaction that we expect. Kind of like how if you blindfold a person and plug their nose and give them an onion but tell them its an apple they will taste an apple. You filled the fridge with broccoli and so you expect it to smell like broccoli, even though you can’t actually smell.


    1. Yeah, that’s probably the most likely scenario.


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