Hey, so it turns out that I won a Graduate Assistant Teaching Excellence Award for my TA work last semester. Snazzy!

Actually, I think I was the last person to find out I was one of the five six winners, considering the fact that an email regarding the awards was sent out last week to everyone but me, haha. I only found out once someone said congratulations to me and I had to ask, “For what?”

Also, Multivariate Analysis looks like it’s going to be awesome. We indeed get to do factor analysis. Expect nothing but joyful screeching that week.

Edit: I guess all the other four winners are from pure/applied math. I’m the only one from stats. Badass!

Edit 2: holy crap, I get $600 as part of that award? Badass!

2 responses

  1. Nice, congratulations!


    1. Thanks! I was really shocked by it, haha.


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