Every once and awhile—like maybe every five or six months or so—I get the urge to just stop blogging.

I know, I know, the whole world would just dissolve into chaos if I ever did that, right?

I’m not sure why I feel that urge to quit every so often. I mean, it’s not like most of these posts require a lot of brain power to write (example, example, example). And Eigenblogger definitely breaks my “quality over quantity” rule when it comes to writing. I mean, have you seen the nonsense I post here? 98% of this blog is either “Claudia fills out another pointless survey”, “Claudia finds a song she really likes”, or “LOL INTERNETZ.” So it’s not hard to keep blogging.

Actually, my occasional lack of drive when it comes to blogging likely stems, at least in part, to that frivolity. Who cares, anyway? I only rarely post something of worth to anyone but myself, and even then it’s not that interesting or exciting or funny. But then I have to remember that regardless of what I’m posting, I’m posting something—I have a record of this day happening, even if that record is just a YouTube video or a dumb comment or one of my many rants. And that’s really why I blog in the first place, to keep a record of the days that have passed, and know that I’ll (hopefully) have a record of a grand total of 10,000 days of my life once I’m done with this whole project.

But every once and awhile, I still I get the urge to just stop blogging.


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