Fun fact: when I was a young kid, I thought “antiques” was pronounced AN-tee-kwez.

Anyway. Despite the mini little snow storm Moscow is getting, my mom and I went to that big antiques store on Main Street, kind of by Rosauers. I got a caliper ‘cause I’m weird and an old phonology book ‘cause phonology is cool.


A guy named Albert Salisbury does indeed sound like a guy who would be a stickler for orthoepy. The child version of me would have angered him with my pronunciation of “antiques.”

It’s actually a pretty interesting little book. The first several pages even talk about the anatomy behind breathing, vocalization, and hearing.


Says Mr. Salisbury about silent letters: “Many of these are as useless as they are annoying.” Hahaha.


Can you answer his review questions? The Salisbury stakes are high!

(I’m sorry, I had to. I don’t even care about the heterograph.)


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