Big Week o’ Blog Stats Celebration, Day 6: The Best of the Best of the Best, SIR!

It’s the last day of the big statistics marathon. Sad? I am. But I got a few new R projects coming, so you’ll be subject to those shortly.

Anyway. Today is less about stats analyses and more about just general naked-eye trends. What  questions we’re looking at today:
A. What are my most popular blogs by view count on WordPress?
B. What are some of the most popular search terms people have used to arrive at my blog?
C. What are some of the most hilarious search terms people have used to arrive at my blog?
D. Blogs/topics I think are worth sharing that didn’t make my Best Of list up top.

Part A.
I’ve been on WordPress since September 1st, 2010. Since then, my most viewed blogs have been:

  1. (153 views) Scrabble Letter Values and the QWERTY Keyboard
  2. (149 views) Colored Beats!
  3. (58 views) Oh look, PayPal wants me to fill out a survey
  4. (34 views) TWSB: Well, it certainly would make the cartographer’s job easier…
  5. (28 views) TWSB: Weebles Wobble (But They Wouldn’t if They Had Three Legs)
  6. (26 views) Pi vs. e
  7. (19 views) An analysis of statewise uniform population density (according to Craigslist)
  8. (19 views) Claudia’s 365 Days of Music – A Review
  9. (18 views) 5 x 20 seconds of fun

Those may not seem like tremendously large viewing numbers, but considering I’ve got over 2,000 posts and like three people who actually frequent Eigenblogger, 153’s not too bad. Part B explains some of the numbers.

Speaking of which…

Part B.
Top 10 search phrases are:

  1. “colored beats”
  2. “Leibniz porn”
  3. “what one thing could paypal have done to improve your experience with the account limitation process”
  4. le seul mot juste”
  5. eigenblogger”
  6. “scrabble letter breakdown”
  7. “scrabble letter values”
  8. “scrabble letters”
  9. “scrabble letter rank”
  10. “rho rho rho your boat”

Yes, a freakishly large amount of times my blog has been found have been because of somebody (sombodies?) searching for “Leibniz porn.” That is simultaneously awesome and confusing. Does “porn” mean something like “metaphysical texts” in some other language? If not, and at least one person out there is searching for legitimate calculus-oriented, ostentatious wig-wearing, best-of-all-possible-smut Leibniz porn, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WILL YOU BE MY SOUL MATE FOREVER?!


Le Seul Mot Juste was the name of my blog up until like three months ago.

And “rho rho rho?” Who the hell knows. Maybe my intellectually-compatible-perfect-future-boyfriend-husband-thing (hereafter referred to as my ICPFBHT) was trying to make some sort of stats pun as he sat hunched over his computer keyboard in a darkened room, chugging Red Bulls and listening to electronica. Naked. With stacks of Leibniz’ works next to him.



Part C.
People have found my blog by searching for rather humorous things such as:

  • “jokes about leibniz cookies”
  • “analysis without anal”
  • “paddled in parachute pants”
  • “yo dawg science”
  • “jokes about godot”
  • “if your a noodle and you know it clap your hands” (yeah, I have no idea, either.)
  • “ who the hell is millard fillmore”
  • “gdrydfjgki”
  • “gavagai turnips”

Part D.
It’s shameless self-promotion time! I was going to make a big ol’ flowchart thing that showed you what blogs to go for depending on your general interests, but I’m lazy and I’m sure none of you readers really care that much, so you get this instead.

Got here via a statistics-related post and/or are interested in random recreational stats parties? Why not check out my blogs under the Statistics category?

Interested in philosophy?

What about science?


(Want to read me bitch about stuff?)

Haha, that’s all I got. So there you go! Six days’ worth of stats for six years’ worth of blogs. I hope to entertain you all for another six years at least.

Thank you for reading! Seriously. I’m not all about acquiring followers, but it is really nice to have regular readers. :)

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