Blaaaaaaaaaaaah SCREW YOU, Big Pharma

Me @ 7:30 AM: I am SO PUMPED TODAY, I’m going to be SUPER PRODUCTIVE and get everything done!
Me @ 9:30 AM: Oh crap, gotta take my med.
Me @ 10:45 AM: Woah, feeling exhausted all of a sudden.
Me @ 11:00 AM: I will start stabbing people if I don’t get to go to sleep NOW.
Me @ 11:15 AM: Supervisor, I cannot stay awake. Please let me go home.
Me @ 12:00 PM: [sleep]
Me @ 2:00 PM: [still sleep]
Me @ 4:00 PM: [more sleep]
Me @ 5:15 PM: [finally woken up by my mom]

So yeah. Screw you, Saphris. I have no idea how people take this med TWICE a day and function. But then again, I’m super sensitive to side effects like super sedation.


Side note: Super Sedation would be a fantastically worthless superhero.

2 responses

  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    Lol, Super Sedation would be a good superhero if he made other people sedated.
    You really should do the 23 & me thing. It could actually help you find meds that work for you. I (vaguely) remember talking in one of my bio classes about a genetic trait that makes people hyper sensitive to drugs, and side affects.


    1. I think there IS a trait that 23andme tests for in terms of med sensitivity. I’ll let you know when I get my results!


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