In a world of blogs, we lose our minds

3301. When someone is ‘crazy’ why do we call them ‘nuts’ or ‘fruitcakes’?
Good question. I don’t know.

3302. What’s the dillio?
I always thought that was spelled differently.

3303. Where did the slang term ‘dillio’ come from?
Good question. To Wikipedia!!

3304. How many even whole numbers are there between -5 and 5?
Six (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5).

3305. What words can you make using only these letters: E N O?
On, no, en, one, eon.

3306. What’s the differance between foods that are low fat and foods that are lite?
Aren’t “lite” foods lower in calories than the “regular” versions?

3307. White or brown rice?
I like white rice.

3308. Can you be content if you are physically uncomfortable?
I think so, yes, but it’d be tough.

3309. What is the differance between discomfort and pain?
I see pain as a “warning sign” and discomfort more as a sign of something being worked or something unpleasant being noticed.

3310. What is the most uncomfortable thing you can think of?
Akathisia. Holy lord.

3311. What do these names make you think of:
britney spears?
walt whitman?
Leaves of Grass
william shakespere?
pablo picasso?
Freaky looking women.
adam ant?
Cartoons, haha.
franz kafka?
Giant cockroaches.
Pointy bras.
orson scott card?
Did he do Ender’s Game?
frieda kahlo?
salvidor dali?
david bowie?
lars ulrich?
jim henson?

3312. What are your favorite games to play?
The coolest game I’ve ever played was Mille Bornes, a French board game about driving. It was badass…I wonder if we still have it?

3313. Are you quick to judge something as stupid just because you don’t understand it?
Nope. I try to understand it better.

3314. Are you obnoxious to others?

3315. Do you feel superior to anyone?
Hahaha, no.

3316. Shouldn’t people take a good look at themselves before they criticize others?
Yes indeed. We should leave others alone if they aren’t harming anything.

3317. Which is better and why:
writing or saying obnoxious things about someone who isn’t around to defent themselves or saying it straight to them?
Saying it straight to them. Saying bad things about someone behind their backs is scum.
Which do YOU do more often?
I try to do neither, haha. I don’t like saying bad things about others.

3318. Do you appologize too often?
I probably do, but I try not to.

3319. Does your mind play tricks on you?
It does indeed.

3320. Have you read (any of):
the bible?
the koran?
I might have in The Sacred Journey.
the torah?
A little.
the kama sutra?
the satanic bible?
Are these mystical texts or historical ones?
Probably a mixture of both.

3321. Do you own any possetions that you hide from parents, friends, visitors?
I don’t think so.
Haha, I used to though.

3322. Why does the cheese stand alone?
Because that’s just its whey.

3323. Do you watch any soaps?
I’ve never been into soaps.

3324. Have you learned something new today?/
Probably, but I can’t think of it right now.

3325. Do you believe in an ‘oversoul’ of all humanity?

3326. Have you invented your own style, just for you?
Have you seen my clothing?

3327. have you invented your own religion, just for you?
I’m closely aligned with hylozoism, which isn’t really a religion per se, but I guess I’m closest to that.

3328. What files have you recently downloaded?
A bunch of music. Some Word docs from work.

3329. Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard but I think:
That kids scare me enough that I wouldn’t protest this for girls OR boys.

3330. Do you dance around a lot?
I groove while I drive. People think I’m nutso.

3331. Is the unexamined life worth living or not?
YAY A SOCRATES QUOTE! No, it’s not worth living in my opinon.

3332. What are you like when you’re at your most beautiful?
No idea.

3333. What are you like when you are at your worst?
A freaking disaster of a human being. It’s not pleasant to witness.

3334. Why do you hide things about yourself?
I’m not telling!

3335. Why is anything ‘too personal’ to talk to others about?
Because we’re private beings. Sometimes we’re embarrassed.

3336. Why should we be embarressed, afraid, or appologetic for ANYTHING we think, say or do?
Who knows? We’re conditioned to be that way.

3337. Can true freedom exist in this world of doubt and guilt?
Depends on how you define “freedom.”

3338. What do you have no control over?
Everything. But such is a deterministic universe.

3339. Do you own a vibrating pillow?
Haha, that sounds dirty.
How about a vibrating back massager?

3340. Can you dance away your emotional pain?
Not effectively enough to use it as any sort of coping mechanism, no.

3341. When you dance is it a celebration of life?
It’s a celebration of awkwardness.

3342. When do you feel the most immortal?
When I’m running. That’s my “I AM A GOD” time.

3343. Are you more of a painting, a poem or a song?
A painting. Loud without words.

3344. Is lonliness a crowded room full of open hearts turned to stone?
Why does that sound so familiar?

3345. Is YOUR heart ever stone?

3346. Are we alltogether all alone?
Sometimes. Welcome to the internet.

3347. Does life end in a happily ever after way?
It can if we make it.

3348. What’s the warmest part of your body?
Crotch? Haha.

3349. Are you more verbal or visual?
Both. I like visual accompaniments to my verbal explanations.

3350. What do you long for?

3351. True or false: When someone hates you it is because:
they’re jealous of you?
the things you say are frightening to them because what you say makes them think about things they would rather avoid thinking about?
True sometimes.
they don’t understand you?
True sometimes.

3352. True or false: When you hate someone it is because:
you’re jealous of them?
False, usually. I’m trying to fix this.
the things they say are frightening to you because what they say makes them think about things you would rather avoid thinking about?
you don’t understand them?

3353. Have you ever been fascinated by someone who hated you?
I’d like to think I’ve never been hated, but I think I have by at least one person. I wasn’t fascinated by them, though.

3354. Since the human brain has defense mechanisms against feeling bad (meaning the brain lies to itself to avoid feeling bad about something it said or did) how can we ever know if we are truly being honest?
I don’t think we can.
How do we know our brains are not tricking us into believeing we are good people when we aren’t all good?
We don’t.

3355. How highly do you value innovation?
Pretty highly.

3356. Is there a name where all the people you’ve ever met haveing that name had something in common with each other(ex. all the jens you’ve ever met had blue eyes)?
All the Merediths I’ve ever known went to elementary school with me. Does that count?

3357. Are you focused more outward or inward?

3358. What is the most affectionate nickname you ever came up with for someone?
Haha, I have no idea.

3359. Are the questions STILL still interesting this deep into the survey?
Eh. There are a few interesting ones.

3360. If someone else makes their desicions based on their intuition instead of on facts and proofs what do you think of that person?

3361. Do you trust your own intuition?
I should. It’s proven pretty reliable in the past.

3362. Finish the phrase…
danger is the: motivator.
just keep: on truckin’.
never trust: a politician.
the way I live my life: may not work for you, but it works for me.
don’t change: ‘cause I like you the way you are.
maybe someday: things will be better.

3363. Would you rather live in Frodo’s world or Harry Potter’s?
Neither, but if I had to pick, Harry Potter’s.

3364. Do you believe that the dead are with us?
If yes in what form?
They’re still components of the universe.

3365. Do you believe that those who haven’t been born are with us?
If yes, in what form?
Matter is neither created nor destroyed in the universe; therefore, they’re here in some form.

3366. Are you made of timid stuff?
I am made of livid fluff.

3367. Is there anyone in this world who is not CRAZY?
We’re all nutso.

3368. What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

3369. Can you mashed potatoe?
Only if I’m Dan Quayle.
Can you do the twist?

3370. What does your family do for thanksgiving..or if you don’t celebrate it what do you picture when you think of thanksgiving?
We make broccoli, mashed potatoes, and sometimes turkey. We sit around and pretend to be normal.

3371. What is your earliest memory?
I remember getting the chicken pox. I remember getting my first concussion. I don’t remember which of these events came first, though.

3372. Have you ever taken an IQ test?
Just the ones on the internet.
What’d you get?
I think my scores ranged from like 144 to 171.
What do you think of those things?
BAH. They only measure how good you are at taking those sorts of tests.

3373. How do you make ‘fishcakes’?
I’ve never heard of such things.

3374. Which is the better band..the offspring or the damned?
I’ve never heard The Damned.

3375. Do you ever think about world destruction?

3376. Do you think humans are becoming more robotic?
Our world is, but humans aren’t, necessarily.

3377. Do you think we’ll ever be replaced by robots?
As in, our species being replaced by them? That would be…weird.

3378. What do you feel a part of?
The universe.

3379. Does it freak you out to know that yogurt is ALiVe??
Hahaha. No.

3380. What current band do you think is doing something particularly interesting or innovative?
Can Lady Gaga count? I love her.

3381. Golf course, do you remember?

3382. Which is more important, books and cleverness or friendship and bravery?
(Sorry, this one reminded me of a Brian Regan routine)

3383. If i promise to miss you, will you go away?

3384. stool, ball, powder…Can you think of a 4th word that connects these three?

3385. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?
Timid pigs.

3386. Why are blondes considered ‘dumb’?
Because people are obnoxious and love stereotypes.

3387. What’s more important..intuitiveness/creativity or factual knowledge and practicallity?

3388. Who are the two worst terrorists you can think of?
Pick a politician, any two politicians. Haha.

3389. What is jello made of?
Gelatin and colors!

3390. Pick a country:
What do you believe is wrong with that country?

3391. Do you have strong opinions?
Depends on the subject.

3392. Do you do what it takes to stand up for those opinions?
I try.

3393. Have you ever been to a rally, protest or demonstration?
Not actively.
If yes was it effective and in what ways?
It caught my attention, which I’m assuming it was supposed to do.

3394. When people say, ‘yeah it sucks but there’s nothing I can do’ do you believe them?

3395. Do you know what you can do to make this world a better place?
Do you care?
Of course. I’d like to make life as fun and easy for others as possible.

3396. Why is peace so important anyway?
Because we should all try to get along and make life as good for each other as possible.

3397. As long as you have your house and your family and you can go to the movies and the mall who cares about peace and freedom. Right?

3398.Do you try to avoid anything involving work?
I like to work. Makes me feel useful.

3399. If you are not actively working to stop the horrors and injustices of the world (war, hunger, poverty) than aren’t you partially responsible for them?
I wouldn’t say you’re partially responsible for them, but you’re certainly not responsible for lessening them.

3400. Are you in denial?
Me? Denial? NEVER!

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