I’ll Get You, My Pretty, and Your Little Blog, Too!

Hello ladies and gents. There is something special about today’s blog.

Today is my 2,000th blog!


This means it’s been 2,000 days since May 1st, 2006. That simultaneously sounds so long and yet so short.


In modest celebration (“modest” meaning “not extravagant;” all my crap’s packed up and I’m sitting in a hotel waiting to go home tomorrow and thus haven’t really had time to make a huge celebration blog), I’m going to list my top 20 blog titles and top 20 blogs. Because that’s kind of what I do.

Titles first!

Top 20 Titles (yes, most of these are stupid puns. Deal.)

  1. Are the bulbs of mercury at the bottom of thermometers collectively known as H.G. Wells?
  2. I just realized I’m illiterate and now I cacng apbtrtht kd thactgs
  3. Do physical comedians suffer from post-dramatic jest disorder?
  4. Circular reasoning works because circular reasoning works because circular reasoning works…
  5. Do philosophy departments have Causal Fridays?
  6. My new position at the PepsiCo factory isn’t the greatest job in the world, but I’m making Dew
  7. Waiter! There’s a tachyon in my—oh wait, there it goes, never mind.
  8. Is a theorem about pickles called a dill lemma?
  9. I am 95% confident that the population parameter ‘love’ falls between you and me
  10. If you want to eat an apple pie, you must first consume the universe
  11. Yo blog title, I’mma let you finish, but this entry holds one of the best blogs of all time
  12. I used to teach a failing fly-tying class until I realized my efforts were all for knot.
  13. I used to work at a bridal shop specializing in headdresses. My work there was to know a veil.
  14. Hammer Time is the fifth dimension
  15. How much fit would an index fit if the index indexed fit?
  16. Is Superman’s costume considered his strong suit?
  17. Silly Rabbit…Trix are for Magicians
  18. This just in: geophagists across the globe are biting the dust!
  19. Some Days I Miss My Sanity. Other Days I’m Just a Toaster.
  20. Waiter! There’s an infinite loop in my Waiter! There’s an infinite loop in my Waiter!…

Top 20 Blogs

  1. The Second Continental Chatroom – This is probably the only halfway funny thing I’ve ever written. Fueled by Chips Ahoy, baby. Fueled by Chips Ahoy.
  2. Claudia the Angry Blogger Presents: Yet Another Rant against Pretty Much Everything – This blog started as like three paragraphs and ballooned to a full-on “I hate change, especially on the internet” rant. It makes me happy.
  3. U Can’t Prove This – I’m really not sure how I managed to rewrite U Can’t Touch This while under the incredible stress of a 25-credit finals week, but here it is.
  4. HOT DAMN, Tukey Sandwiches! – I think the “pun to normal content” ratio is at its most ridiculous in this blog.
  5. Multicollinearity: The Silent Killer – If you don’t talk to your kid about near linear dependence, who will?
  6. A STATELY CHALLENGE – Because my first draft of the US without reference to a map is hilarious.
  7. My new position at the PepsiCo factory isn’t the greatest job in the world, but I’m making Dew – Philosophy of science stuff.
  8. Damn this infernal 95 character limit! I have witty things to say in my titles! This is crap! – Bashing Microsoft ’07: a happy pastime of mine.
  9. Pi vs. e – Alternate title: “R has two subsequent heart attacks.”
  10. Blameworthiness and the Anonymous Judge: An Analysis of FML Categories – My hypothesis was supported! WOO! I’d also like to expand this study at some point.
  11. If a blog falls in the forest… – Because of the Pokemon card.
  12. Gordon Freeman: A Case Study – Because of Gordon Freeman.
  13. Apple stores are goddamn scary – In terms of frightening corporate power, Apple is still < Google, but both should be watched carefully.
  14. An analysis of statewise uniform population density (according to Craigslist) – More stats fun.
  15. I’ve been waiting years for this – I remember being SO HAPPY when I opened the M&Ms package.
  16. Piece of Pi – More song parody! More math!
  17. Are the bulbs of mercury at the bottom of thermometers collectively known as H.G. Wells? – I really don’t know why I like this blog, I just do. Hippos.
  18. In This Blog: My Data Look like a Napkin Swan – Because of the uncanny and hilarious resemblance.
  19. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is like a bad drug trip – It is! Seriously!
  20. Waiter! There’s a hippo in my Taco Grande! – Ye olde rant against pants. One of my early blogs.

Yay for 2,000 blogs. Here’s to 2,000 more, eh?

30-Day Meme – Day 21: A recipe.
YAY, a recipe! Cooking = win. Here’s one from the internet and one of my own.
1. Internet recipe
This makes a phenomenal breakfast/anytime bread. Super easy to make and crumbly as hell, this bread has a really good texture to it that adds to the sweet (but not overly so) taste. The only problem is that it goes moldy quite quickly if you try to stretch its life for more than five or six days.

2. Claudia recipe
You know I have to plug my Tukey sandwiches again (even though I just did), made and named in honor of the brilliant John Tukey. Because nothing says “you’re an awesome statistician” like a punny sandwich.

2 responses

  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    Congrats on 2K!


    1. Thank you! Thanks for all the comments over the years, my awesome friend. <3


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