What’s Going On

Since I guess anyone who reads this with any seriousness might care (and apparently didn’t see my Facebook post about it this morning), I’ve made the decision to withdraw from UWO for the time being (well, technically forever, as I’d have to reapply to get back in, but that’s for another time perhaps). Without going into too much detail (or much at all…HA! Mysterious!), I’ve got some health issues going on that make going to school at the moment fairly impossible.

Why not get some form of treatment for it up here, then? Well, in order to qualify for any sort of medical coverage, I have to be enrolled in school. In order to be enrolled in school, I have to be successful in my classes, meaning I have to have the ability to concentrate on them enough to rock them. Because of said current health issues, I’m really not able to place much concentration on classes at all, and therefore “rocking them” is something that cannot be currently done. So I can’t really stay enrolled and thus can’t get healthcare (or anything else) up here.

So I’m going back to Moscow to find a doctor and hopefully will feel better soon enough to continue to go to school, ‘cause I dig school and don’t want to quit because of stupid health crap.

So judge me, call me stupid, weak, pathetic, whatever, I don’t care. Sometimes things need to be done.

30-Day Meme – Day 20: A hobby of yours.
Haha, can I say blogging? Blogging is so totally a hobby of mine. Though I guess I can say an equally prominent hobby in my life is doing statistics for fun. I really, really like running analyses on sets of data. I love to predict outcomes, I love to plot statistical results and trends, and I freaking LOVE interpreting said results and trends. Recreational stats FTW!

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  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    I’m glad you you are back, though I wish it were under better circumstances. Get well soon! I hope you feel well enough to hang out, I missed you the last time you were here.


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