The Missing Shade of AWESOME

God, I love Hume.

Now that I’m an actual factual philosophy grad student, I think it’s time we revisited this website. And in the spirit of Hume:

Mr. Vandewalker’s comment, “Look! Hume’s pants are the missing shade of blue!” made me laugh SO HARD when I first read it.

ALSO: I am in a severe music rut, which is bad for this “download a new song every day” business. So friends, neighbors, subscribers, random blog passers-by, could you please suggest some songs for me? I’ll listen to anything at least once.
I’m also thinking of adding a page that actually lists all the songs I’ve downloaded for 2010/2011, so look for that in the next few days if you’re interested at all.
Okay, that’s it.

2 responses

  1. MUSIC! I’ve been exploring my own tastes lately, I really like what is being called “downbeat electronica”. It’s hard to describe, but it’s kinda of a mix between jazz, electronic, pop and with a little hip hop influence. It may be a little more chilled out that you’re used to, but it’s worth a listen anyways.


    1. Thanks, yo! I’ll have a listen as soon as I get home.


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