The Butterfly Effect…will KILL you!

This is the funniest site ever. Am I a bad person for laughing at these people? Actually, wait on that…let me show you what some of the posts are here…

Some of the titles of the threads of the “Member Introductions” section:
“They control my life”
“Hi, my name’s Liz. And, well, I’m a freak!”

“Death to all Moths…”
“hello my name is jamie, and i’m sooo glad im not insane!” I could debate you on that one.
“I’m Scott and I fear butterflies more than death itself”

Responses to the thread “How do you react if a butterfly comes too close?”:
“Of course if i’m in an open space i am totally vigilant and watching for every flutter of leaves etc incase they might be butterflies so i can bolt in the opposite direction.”
“I flail around like a hooked fish, trying to bat the thing away without touching it (ewwww). I’ll also curse at it as well.”
“oh yea it’s uncontrollable when I see one coming at me too. People are always like ‘how do you see every single one!’”
“Why do they chase US?”

The “Elaborate and Impractical Ways To Get Rid of Moths” thread…
“i find that frantic flapping of a wet towel works wonders (but you have to TRY at least to stay calm enough that the frantic flapping doesn’t break everything in the room !) and then when they get all wrapped up in that you can stomp on it and put it in a bucket of water (just to make sure the thing is dead you know). my adreneline normally runs out at that point and i have to get someone else to get rid of the towel.”
There was this whole long post about a guy who lured moths to their deaths by putting a light behind the whirring blades of a fan (where the hell is PETA?).

And then there were the wonders of the “Horror Stories” section. I could not stop laughing at some of these. Really.
“One day I was just watching some TV, and I had a nice glass of milk.
Without paying attention, I took a sip.. There was something in the milk… I actually took it between my teeth to feel what it was… Then I spit it out.
OH MY GOD IT WAS A MOTH!!!” Well, okay, I admit that’d be creepy.
“Lunesta commercial…SCARY! I lost sleep over this!” Oh. That’s ironic.
“Used my 2 year old as a shield!” You should not be reproducing!
OMG ONE JUST LANDED ON ME!!! Oh good lord, call the fire department!
“A bum almost stole my car because of a moth” A must-read. Someone should adapt this into a novel.
“Moth in the car when driving alone – I actually found screaming reduced tension somewhat.” There’s a MOTH IN THE CAR. For god’s sake, it’s a winged bug, not Hannibal Lecter!

I seriously laughed for like an hour over this. Rob, Matt, you got some of this over Messenger, but it was a lot more in person.

Hahaha, yeah, I’m a horrible person.

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