I’m not the type of person who is easily distra–OMFG A PUPPY!

I love SAS (Statistical Analysis Software). We got an introduction to it in 422 and I took to it like breathing.

It looks promising.

Unfortunately, SPSS, the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (which is something I’m sure I’ll have to be more familiar with) is not as intuitive, so I’ll have to work with that.

But oh well. Claudia + data + SAS = good times!


Fillmore Fact: Apparently, the comic strip character “Mallard Fillmore” is named after our guy. Wikipedia’s article on Mallard has a little disclaimer, “not to be confused with Millard Fillmore.” That totally made my day.

I really, really need to make a cartoon strip featuring our favorite president. “Millard Who?” it shall be called.

This is great.


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