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I wish I had a normal belly button

Is that a weird thing to say? I guess “normal” is subjective, but of the people whose navels I have seen up close and personal,* mine looks quite different than theirs.

Lemme ‘splain. Of the few people whose navels I have gazed upon in relative close inspection, you can see where it “ends.” Basically, you can see that it is a finite hole that has a bottom/end to it. It looks like a little cup or something.

Mine does not look like that. Mine looks like a bottomless pit. Mine looks like what I would expect the tied part of an inflated balloon looks like from the inside. You can’t see the end/bottom of it and it’s weird and I hate it. I mean, when you Google “belly button,” a good number of the pics that come up look kind of like how mine looks, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a belly button like that in person apart from mine.

Part of why mine looks the way it does might have to do with the fact that when I had my appendix taken out, they inserted one of the wands/probes through my belly button during surgery. I can feel a small little scar in there, but it’s nothing too dramatic.

I know this is stupid and that NO ONE CARES, but it just bugs me.

*There haven’t been many of them, let’s be honest

Another Pointless Claudia Blog

I’ve had the super strong urge lately to cut my hair short.

Like, short short.

I’ve been growing it out since before I came to Calgary (2014; partially to get rid of the bangs because they were a pain in the ass) and while I’ve trimmed to about shoulder length a few times since I’ve been up here, it’s never been quite as short as I used to wear it.

I used to get it cut almost like a pixie, but even shorter. I remember they always used that buzz clipper doodad in the back. That would be so much easier to deal with, especially since I spend about four hours a day with my hair shoved under a hat while I walk (some days it takes me an unreasonable amount of time to tame my hair for said walks, which is really dumb).

The problem is that I’m way more self-conscious about my face shape (it’s terrible) and ears (they stick out way too far) to even think about how horrible I’d look with short hair. I mean, I look horrible with long hair (or with anything else I do with my body), but I think short hair would accentuate the ugliness.

But who knows, maybe that insecurity will be outweighed by how obnoxious this long hair is by the end of the month and I’ll just chop it all off anyway.