I wish I had a normal belly button

Is that a weird thing to say? I guess “normal” is subjective, but of the people whose navels I have seen up close and personal,* mine looks quite different than theirs.

Lemme ‘splain. Of the few people whose navels I have gazed upon in relative close inspection, you can see where it “ends.” Basically, you can see that it is a finite hole that has a bottom/end to it. It looks like a little cup or something.

Mine does not look like that. Mine looks like a bottomless pit. Mine looks like what I would expect the tied part of an inflated balloon looks like from the inside. You can’t see the end/bottom of it and it’s weird and I hate it. I mean, when you Google “belly button,” a good number of the pics that come up look kind of like how mine looks, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a belly button like that in person apart from mine.

Part of why mine looks the way it does might have to do with the fact that when I had my appendix taken out, they inserted one of the wands/probes through my belly button during surgery. I can feel a small little scar in there, but it’s nothing too dramatic.

I know this is stupid and that NO ONE CARES, but it just bugs me.

*There haven’t been many of them, let’s be honest

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