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What Makes a 5-Star a 5-Star?

So because I MURDERED MY LEG APPARENTLY, I’m taking a few days off from walking.

Which blows. I hate it.

BUT it’s given me a chance to try to organize my music in a bit more of a coherent manner in preparation for the big end of my “Decade of Music” project in a few years. Doing so got me thinking about my 5-star songs and what, exactly, makes a song qualified to be a 5-star.

For y’all that aren’t aware, I use iTunes for my music. iTunes gives you the option of rating your songs as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars. In my ranking system, the “5-star club” is very exclusive; I’ve made it a rule that I can only have 50 songs rated 5 stars at a time. And considering I’ve got like 4,000 songs total, that’s not very many.

But how do I choose what gets 5 stars versus 4 stars? For example, what makes WALK THE MOON’s Avalanche only get 4 stars but the same group’s Tightrope get an enthusiastic 5 stars?

It’s hard to define the distinction, but there is one. 5-star songs are an experience. They make me instantly feel excited when I hear them. Quite often, if I’m out walking in the winter and a 5-star song comes on over my headphones, I will say something like “I love this song!” out loud. 4-star songs don’t give that reaction. 4-star songs are those that I can listen to on repeat, but do so “mindlessly”—that is, without really paying attention to the songs themselves and just liking them for the background noise. With 5-stars, I will deliberately re-start them if I don’t feel like I’m listening to them closely enough.

The 5-stars do change; every once and a while a song will just naturally be dropped from the list because it no longer provides that visceral “OH HELL YES I LOVE THIS FREAKING SONG” reaction. Other times I’ll find a new song that is amazing and 5-star-worthy and will have to reconsider my current 5-star list in order to kick an older song down to 4 stars.

Anyway. There is a distinction, but it’s very feelings-based and weird. Which I guess is everyone’s reaction to music and the reasoning behind their favorite songs.

Freaking Walk the Moon, Man

I am seriously addicted to this song. This is the fastest a song has been promoted to a Five Star in a long time.


Hello duders.

The worst thing about New Years (or any other time-related milestone) is that it always makes me feel like crap. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because they make me realize how little I’ve accomplished in my life and how crappy I am at everything I try to do.


Edit: On the upside, WALK THE MOON uploaded the video of them performing Shup Up and Dance live at New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. They’re really good (and entertaining!) live.


WALK THE MOON is now one of my favorite bands, I think.

I discovered them—as I’m sure most people did—through their awesome song Shut Up and Dance. However, they’ve got other songs that, in my opinion, are just as good and maybe even better. Here, have some!

Different Colors



Work This Body (I love this song, holy crap)


This just in: I love Steven Universe. I haven’t liked a show this much since Metalocalypse, which is kind of hilarious to say considering how completely different the two shows are.

But seriously. I really like the premise of the show and the voice acting is great. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. There are quite a few episodes floating around on YouTube, so give it a shot if you’re looking for something to watch.

If you’re curious about more, read a brief review of the show here!


Also, Garnet is my favorite and is pretty much a gift to the world. You might even say she’s…a gem.

Yeah, I went there. Fight me.

Edit: there is no better use of this song than in this AMV.