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It’s Not Spring Until I Get a Weird Sunburn

This glorious thing is brought to you by the following thought process: “naw, man, I don’t need to take off my Garmin in order to put sunscreen on. I know how much of my wrist it covers.”

At least it’s not as bad as this atrocity.

Adventures in Calgary

Today Nate and I adventured to a new part of the city on our walk and I remembered that I’m really bad at re-applying sunscreen to the backs of my hands after I wash all the sunscreen off the fronts of my hands (‘cause I hate the way it feels).


That is comically horrible.

I have to teach on Monday, which means this weird-ass sunburn is going to show up over the projector. Awesome.

‘Sokay, it’ll tan out in a few days and then I’ll be left with a weird dark patch of skin on the back of my otherwise pale hand…which is…even more attractive…

But anyway, we did almost 18 miles and it was great. Walking in 70-degree weather in the sun is way better than walking in the cold, blowing snow (which is what we were doing last weekend, haha).


Don’t ever let your lips get sunburned. It is a very unpleasant experience.

Sunburns in general are unpleasant, of course, but sunburnt lips are a bit of a different story. They feel like they’re just chapped, but lip balm/Chapstick/Vaseline does not help with the feeling. They still feel super chapped and dry.

Also, if they’re sunburnt badly enough, they start to flake and peel, which is not only super unattractive but super painful.

So yeah. Put on lip balm with some SPF before doing outdoor nonsense (such as walking in the sun for six hours).