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NOW what did I do?

Screwed up my leg again. My knee, more specifically. I was just walking down the hall (because apparently all my injuries happen when I’m just walking like a normal human being) and got this super sharp pain right below my knee cap. Now my knee feels super unstable and it hurts to walk.


I’m not sure what I did, but here we go again I guess.

Edit: now that it’s been a day or so, this actually feels like that runner’s knee I had in my other leg last year. That pain was on the outside of my knee, this is in the middle/lower part of my knee, but apparently that’s where runner’s knee pain is most common.

Edit again: the more I walk on it, the better it feels. Which is weird. BUT I’LL TAKE IT. I hope the pain completely goes away soon, ‘cause there’s no way in hell I’m doing another year of this “pain while walking” nonsense.

Edit yet again: now the pain’s completely gone. Dafuq.

Dear Knee:

I have given you time—multiple months, in fact—to let you calm down and heal from whatever damage I did to you when I did those two half-marathons back to back.

If you do, in fact, have runner’s knee, then the rest from running should have helped.

So tell me, knee o’ mine, why you decided not to get any better and instead start causing pain about 5 km into a very nice, relaxing run this afternoon?

Why you gotta be like that, knee? Why you gotta be a pain when all I want is to give you fun exercise?

TO .


At least walking doesn’t hurt. I’d be screwed if walking hurt.


River Knee Knee River

So the Bow is really high.

That’s part of the River Walk that runs under Centre Street. They’ve got it closed off because of the amount of water that’s pooling in that low portion.

IN OTHER NEWS, I think I gave myself runner’s knee. I had no idea runner’s knee was a thing, but ever since I did the dumb of jumping from “run a 10k every other week or so” to “let’s run two half-marathons in a week because we can!” my left knee has been giving me some issues. Not enough issues to make me stop walking (it would basically take my entire leg falling off to make me stop walking, let’s be honest), but it starts to hurt after about 12 miles or so.

At least, I’m assuming it’s runner’s knee. Hopefully not something more serious.

‘Cause like hell I’m seeing a doctor.