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Hob-Nobbing with the Elites of the Ship


So apparently on every cruise, Princess picks out the 40 people who have logged the greatest amount of cruising days, gathers them in a room for a super deluxe fancy luncheon, and thus creates a super concentrated cluster of snobbery at sea.

This time around, my dad was invited (he’s gone on 13 Princess cruises, somewhere around 130 days or so) and took me as his guest.

These are people who have traveled the world via cruises, and they were exchanging all these stories about the African Cape, South Asian adventures, language mix-ups and faux pas in Europe, and airport disasters.

At one point, one of the ladies at our table turns to me, looks at my obviously inferior gold card*, and goes “and where have you cruised, young lady?”
I was like, “uh…Alaska.”
Lady: “where else?”
Me: “…Alaska.”
Lady: “Oh. Well, that’s nice.”

She’d been cruising for like 200 days total or something.

Anyway, it was this super swanky thing at which I totally didn’t belong, but it’s interesting to see how people with the means to spend
that much time cruising actually interact with one another. Some were total snobs about it, others seemed like perfectly reasonable and nice people.

Ooh, and I also went to see a cooking demonstration put on by the head chef and head Maitre d’. Picture!

They were funny.

Tomorrow: Victoria, BC!


*You get a blue card if this is your first Princess cruise, You get a silver card if you’ve cruised twice, a gold card if you’ve cruised more than twice but less than 15 (I think) times, and a black card for 15+ cruises. There were like three gold card people there.


California to Seattle today. I’m sitting in the Red Lion hotel near the Seattle airport, screwing around and waiting for tomorrow when we take a limo to the ship. Because I have internet for what is possibly the last time in a week or so, I shall use it to give you some facts about the cruise ship we’ll be taking as well as some facts about Princess itself:

– The Princess line was made famous in the show The Love Boat.
– Princess has 16 operating ships. Their next ship to be put to work, the Royal Princess, is scheduled to sail in May 2013.
– Princess offers cruises that involve crossing the Atlantic as well as cruises lasting over 150 days that go all around the world.
– The Sapphire Princess was built in 2004 and holds up to 2,670 passengers (plus 1,100 crew).
– It has 18 decks, is 951 feet long, and cost $400 million.
– Its sister ship is the Diamond Princess.

Check out the Princess website to search their cruises. It’s fun!


OKAY PEOPLE, it looks like my plans for the second half of July have drastically changed. As you may know if you keep up with my blogging, my dad’s father (my grandpa down in California) died in January. Due to the suddenness and unexpected nature of his death, we were unable to procure me a ticket to go down and be present for the funeral. Because of this, my dad and I promised my grandma that we would find a time this summer to go down and be with her for a few days. Therefore, my dad informed me today that from the 19th to the 22nd, we will be heading down to Brea to spend some time with Grandma Mahler.

THEN he informs me that he was able to snatch up two last-minute tickets on the Sapphire Princess for a week-long cruise to Alaska. He wants to get his Princess black card (you get super perks if you’ve cruised for a certain number of days) and I freaking love cruising, so that was a nice and unexpected surprise. We’ll be flying to Seattle straight from Brea on the 22nd, spend the night in the Emerald City, and then board the Sapphire Princess and be cruisin’ from the 23rd to the 31st.

Awesome? Hell yes. Though I am a bit upset that such a large chunk of my time in Moscow is being cut, who the hell can complain about getting to travel? I also want to see my grandma; it’s been a long time.

I’m conflicted

I don’t know if I’ve blogged about this yet (I don’t think I have), but my dad told me a few months back that next winter (December 2011 or January 2012, assuming the solar flares don’t kill us all) he’d like to take a cruise down south to Cape Horn (southern tip of South America) and…you guessed it…Antarctica.
I was jazzed about this for about 24 hours until I realized something: how appropriate is it to allow cruise ships to sail through the already delicate ecosystem down there?

The Princess Cruise website claims: “The most isolated continent on Earth, Antarctica is home to massive icebergs, majestic mountain ranges and diverse wildlife in a wilderness setting that has a purity as inspiring as it is remote.”
Remote until you catch sight of the five other giant cruise ships muscling their way for “scenic cruising” during the two or three months it’s warm enough for them to venture so far south. It strikes me as wrong on a certain level, you know? I mean, you all know that I’d practically saw off my arm to get the opportunity to frolic around Terra Australis, but not at the expense of unnecessarily disrupting the wildlife.

So as much as it kills me, I think I might have to say no to this solely out of principle. We’ll see how things go in the coming year, but who knows. I mean, trucking a crap ton of scientists down there is one thing…letting regular people disrupt the goings on of the animals/environment for the sake of taking a pleasure cruise is another.

I’m sure if I’m destined to go there, the universe will find a way.



Today’s song: Phazing (Tiësto Remix) by Dirty South and Rudy (the opening minute of this song is EPIC)

Random number generation is too important to be left to chance

I appear to be unable to form coherent thoughts that last for more than three minutes at a time today.
You know what that means…


Had I the money and time, I would love to do a cruise around the world. How fantastically awesome would that be? I could totally make it happen in a year’s time if I didn’t have to pay rent, haha.

I want my new shiny to get here! I need a new electronic to fondle, never mind that it was a poor purchase choice. I’ll just have to learn to fondle live with the consequences.


Lady Gaga’s song Teeth has a freakish resemblance to Prisencolinensinainciusol in terms of the beat. I’m also in love with it. Go figure.




Today’s song: Teeth by Lady Gaga