California to Seattle today. I’m sitting in the Red Lion hotel near the Seattle airport, screwing around and waiting for tomorrow when we take a limo to the ship. Because I have internet for what is possibly the last time in a week or so, I shall use it to give you some facts about the cruise ship we’ll be taking as well as some facts about Princess itself:

– The Princess line was made famous in the show The Love Boat.
– Princess has 16 operating ships. Their next ship to be put to work, the Royal Princess, is scheduled to sail in May 2013.
– Princess offers cruises that involve crossing the Atlantic as well as cruises lasting over 150 days that go all around the world.
– The Sapphire Princess was built in 2004 and holds up to 2,670 passengers (plus 1,100 crew).
– It has 18 decks, is 951 feet long, and cost $400 million.
– Its sister ship is the Diamond Princess.

Check out the Princess website to search their cruises. It’s fun!

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