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It would be much appreciated if your officers could be a little more pedestrian-aware.

Story: I was walking down the highway towards the intersection by those new “Identity” apartment student-housing thingies. A police car was sitting in the parting lot of the apartments and, in no particular hurry whatsoever, started to pull away from the curb and approach the intersection.

I pushed the little “walk” button and—COMPLETELY LEGALLY—entered the crosswalk in front of the approaching police car. Once I was about 1/3 of the way through the crosswalk, the car reached the crosswalk itself. I expected the car to slow to a stop, as I had made eye contact with the driver as I was crossing.

However, they did NOT stop and I had to very quickly move out of the way of the front of the car before it finally gradually stopped IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CROSSWALK to wait for its green light. The officer showed no sign of knowing that that she was about three inches from hitting me with the front of their car, nor did she seem to care once I shot her a dirty look after getting to the other side of the street.

Again: I was making eye contact with the driver as I crossed. I was LEGALLY crossing. she did not have her police lights on to indicate that she was in any sort of hurry. Once she pulled out of the intersection, she was not in a hurry to get anywhere. She just apparently felt like trying to run me over.

What the fuck.

I should have gotten the license plate number. That is 100% unacceptable.

I hate everyone.



Palouse Mall.

Good ol’ Palouse Mall.

It’s good to know that they’re still piling all of the snow from the plowed parking lot onto the one sidewalk that runs from the highway crosswalk to the Walmart.


List of reasons why this pisses me off:

Come on. It’s the Palouse Mall. Even when Moscow’s running at capacity with all the students, I’ve never seen that parking lot completely full. There is no reason that this excess snow can’t just be shoveled into the parking spaces right in front of the sidewalk rather than onto the sidewalk itself.

It’s December. The students are currently gone. There are about 80 people* who live in Moscow right now. Even more reason why filling up a few parking spaces with snow is not going to be a huge issue.

People. Still. Walk. To. Walmart. I know walking is OMG SO HARD IN THE WINTER DURR HURR GET A CAR, but some people still rely on it for their main source of transportation. And there are really only two** ways to get to Walmart from Moscow: take the trail or take the sidewalk in front of the Palouse Mall. I walked on the trail today and it was an icy death trap. I tried to walk on the sidewalk in front of the Palouse Mall today, but it was covered in piles of snow. So neither of these options are great for walkers, especially when they have to carry bags of stuff back home from Walmart.

Also, if your solution to the above problem is “use public transportation,” I need to remind you again that this is Moscow. Public transportation is free, which is great, but it doesn’t run on the weekends. Or on holidays. Or past 5 PM. So that’s not always an option, my dudes.

It’s just…it’s like…don’t people think about these things? Are we really this car-centric?


*A slight underestimation. But you get my point.

**I guess you could go through the mall and bypass most of that sidewalk, but that’s a little out of the way if you’re in a hurry. Also, then you have to cross that parking lot, which is a death trap for pedestrians. Don’t even get me started on that.

Do southern bank customers make withdrawls?

Yeah, I agree with this to an extent.

Is it important that pedestrians be aware of their surroundings and do their best to “communicate” with drivers whenever entering the street (even if the pedestrian has the right-of-way)? Absolutely. The driver-pedestrian relationship is definitely a shared responsibility in that respect.

But as this article states, that’s sometimes not enough. I have had dozens of situations where I’ve been looking directly at a driver and thought they were looking directly back at me but they still buzzed right in front of me, even when I clearly had the right-of-way. There have been a lot of close calls that, had I not been very careful, would have not been close calls but rather would have been collisions.

And (also stated in the article) sometimes it’s not possible to determine if you’ve got eye contact with a driver. In the summer, everyone’s got sunglasses on. In certain lighting conditions (or in the dark), you can’t see into the car very well. And some drivers just don’t even turn their heads in your direction when you’re trying to make eye contact (e.g., people turning right on red, who are usually just looking left to see oncoming traffic and often don’t check for pedestrians at all).

So is it partially a pedestrian’s responsibility to “communicate” with drivers? Absolutely. But putting all the responsibility on pedestrians is neither appropriate nor helpful in avoiding/preventing accidents.


Yay, so I legit almost got maimed by a car this afternoon and the only reason I didn’t is because I pay extreme attention to my surroundings when I’m out walking, especially in crosswalks.

I was crossing at a stop light. I had the right of way (my little walk sign was white). There was no one else at the intersection except for a guy who was in the lane to turn left, crossing the crosswalk I was in. We were facing each other—I was walking towards his direction, so he should have had no problem seeing me.

But I was about five steps into the crosswalk before he decided he NEEDED TO SUDDENLY TURN NOW and nearly ran me over. It’s a good thing I was paying attention to him, ‘cause he certainly did not pay any attention to the fact that he was about to drive right into me. I had to run out of the way.

I hate people. I hate people so much.

Pay attention when you’re driving. You could kill someone if you don’t.